Turkey is just beginning to make its mark on the international wine market, with it is being the world’s fourth leading producer of grapes, where lots of boutique vineyards are based in the Marmara, Aegean, Black Sea, Central and Eastern Anatolian sides.

Here some of the top selected wine bars in Istanbul you should check during your visit in Istanbul.

Get The Best Wine At Solera Winery:

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Before deciding to travel alone to explore the world’s vineyards, Solera’s owner Suleyman used to work in the restaurant and wine serving industry, it only seemed typical to open a wine bare where he would serve his favorite discoveries, when he came back to the city of Istanbul he opened this small spaced with a few tables and walls full of rows of wine bottles at Beyoğlu near Istiklal street, it is a place where having a long conversation with a friend or loved one over a few glasses of wine is just perfect, the most exciting part is that Suleyman or one of his servers will happily help you pick the perfect thing, whether it is a wine or a local boutique vineyard. You can also by the place and get a bottle to drink at home, but if you choose to sit down to have a nice relaxing evening, try their cheese platter which is made fresh next door.

Sensus Wine & Cheese Boutique

glasses of red and white wine

Sensus is also a wine and cheese shop, close to the historic Galata Tower, yeah, a world class wine shop located a few steps away from one of the hottest tourist sites of Istanbul, and this typical wine bar boasts local cheeses and wine. This place is for serious wine lovers, the place offers the best out of the regional cheese with their reasonably priced wine bottles and the options of by the glass whether it is white, red, and rose, note that the place serves its own wine brand alongside an amazing live music and luxurious dining, it is a true nightlife experience you always wanted.

The wall to wall of fine wines really make an impressive look, and the fridges are filled with a wide variations of domestic and foreign cheeses, so if you want to try Turkish wines or looking for a quiet environment to relax with your friends, then Sensus is the place to go to.

Also you may like the tour around Galata Tower and Beyoglu since you are moving past the old district of Istanbul.

Milano Gourmet:

Milano Gourmet offers an Italian cuisine with an exclusive service and the highest level of service based in Nişantaşı, the heart of Istanbul’s shopping, art, and fashion world, an ideal place for pleasure or business oriented lunches and dinners. In the evening, you can try different tastes with cocktails prepared by experienced mixologists at the bar, on five evenings of the week it is possible for you to spend pleasant hours in the bar with DJ’s.

Yes, you don’t have to go to Italy for some quality cuisine and beverages, the place brings you a high quality special products such as gruyere, smoked cheese, chocolate, and cookies from European countries, especially Italy.

Besides from evening and nightlife, the place is also as perfect for having a nice breakfast with your friends with good quality food and enough products to make your day special.

Nevertheless the lights and the music gives you an amazing atmosphere, and the staff and everyone there are friendly and pleasant, and to emphasize the wine quality is rich and good in addition to the outdoor dining they can offer.

Istanbul has many amazing vineyards and bars to checkout also it is that it getting more and more famous for its delicious wines across the city, many places also serve a high quality wine and on the Bosphorus cruises  they offer a great quality of wine as you would be enjoying the views and the live music as well. It is best to go and experience by yourself or with friends if you are a wine lover.