Akaretler was built for Dolmabahçe Palace workers to inhabit during the Ottoman Era. Nowadays it revives both Beşiktaş and Istanbul with its style. Long-term restoration work and intensive labor have given Akaretler a European outlook. Akaretler had to overcome some problems during its restoration period; however, what has emerged is admirable. Its historical buildings date back to the 18th century. Akaretler Sıraevler was built by palace architect Sarkis Balyan, who was a member of the Balyan family, under the order of Sultan Abdülaziz in 1874. Sıraevler is the first-row house in Istanbul. Akaretler Sıraevler consists of sixty-six singular units and six apartments. Especially at the end of the 19th century, famous names of the period lived in this region due to its increasing popularity. The famous palace painter Fausto Zonaro, poet and critic Sabahattin Kudret Aksal who was born in house number 57 in 1920, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s mother Zübeyde Hanım and in the First World War Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has also lived in this region.

Revival of Akaretler

The first restoration work started in the region after Net Holding rented the area for 49 years, using the model “build-operate-transfer” in 1987. In 2003, the restoration process stopped for a short time after it was transferred to Garanti Bank, but then in 2006, the revival process started again with the leadership of Serdar Bilgili. Even though it is time-consuming and exhausting to modernize the area while protecting its history and characteristics, it has importance in terms of bringing Istanbul an international environment. Akaretler Sıraevler, Istanbul’s greatest restoration project, covers 55 thousand square meters. Including the world’s most famous brands it has 34 stores, cafes, and car parks, and with the world-famous W Hotel’s W Istanbul branch office it is Beşiktaş’s wonderland.

Akaretler Will Be the Heart of Shopping and Fashion!

If you’re bored with shopping in Nişantaşı you should come down to Akaretler and have a look at the display windows of these popular and attractive stores. To change an ordinary day into a beautiful one, Akaretler presents you with all manner of opportunities.

Catherine Malandrino, Sevan Bıçakçı, Berluti, Nuxx, Sergio Rossi, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Marni, 1930 Antika, and Cornelliani are some of the brands that are located on this street.

To have a cheerful lunch during the day or to have a special dinner Pastorito and Spice Market are appropriate choices. On the other hand, to cool down you can have an irresistible Iced Latte at Cafe Nero.

Newly opened Joke Perestroyka, run by İzzet Çapa, tries to create a new fashion stream with Saturday brunches. Perestroika calls to mind “revolution and reconstruction” in Russian.

Istanbul which has been carrying the title of tourism center for years already become the attraction center of the business world too of its congress centers, international financial institutions, and headquarters of all companies that are located in certain districts. Akaretler is one of them. The creative ideas of the advertising agency Alametifarika are designed here. Prof. Osman Müftüoğlu’s clinic called “Yaşasın Hayat!” is designed for people who want a high-quality and fit lifestyle.

Akaretler brings a breath of fresh air to the daily life of Istanbul with its extraordinary style and its atmosphere, which reminds us of Europe’s upper-class areas. We are sure that you will spend your day with pleasure in Akaretler.

Istanbul has been the capital of different empires throughout history. In addition, it has been used as a common living area for people from different cultures. Therefore, it is possible to encounter various historical ruins and aesthetic monuments in each district of the city. One of the districts of the city that has a history as a small but quite old district is Beşiktaş. This area, which is famous for Besiktas Bazaar, became a district in 1930 during the republican period and has been one of the most visited points of Istanbul since then. The various historical sites, shopping streets, and passages located in Besiktas Bazaar are some of the reasons why locals and tourists visit this place the most.

The Akaretler district, located in Besiktas Bazaar, is one of Istanbul’s well-known and famous places. Akaretler is located between the districts of Beşiktaş and Maçka. It takes its name from the Akaretler Row Houses

Things to Do in Akaretler

Akaretler Row Houses

It will be effortless for you to be fascinated by the historical atmosphere of the Akaretler, where these historical row houses are located. The Akaretler district, located next to the Besiktas Bazaar, is named after the 133 housing units established in the district, namely the row houses. The history of row houses dates back to 1875 and the period of the Ottoman Empire. It is not surprising that the Akaretler district, which befits the historical atmosphere of Istanbul, is also influenced by these historical periods.

The architecture of the houses located in Akaretler is quite beautiful and very different from the modern architecture in the city. You can have a pleasant time in the cozy cafes on the lower floors of the houses located here, and you can follow the fashion of Istanbul on the shopping streets.

One of the points of interest of Besiktas Bazaar, Akaretler Row Houses, was built in the nineteenth century by the Ottoman Emperor Sultan Abdulaziz to accommodate the important elders of Dolmabahce Palace. These buildings in Akaretler were built on the land formed from the point where the Poet Nedim and Suleyman Seba streets in Istanbul merge to form a fork. The word Akaretler is a word used in old Turkish and means lodgings.

The architecture of the Akaretler was designed by the famous architect Sarkis Balyan, and some of the row houses were intended to be inhabited by palace guards or essential figures of the palace. But some of these buildings were also built as rented houses, and it was envisaged that the Aziziye Mosque would be built with profits. Akaretler, one of the places representing the historical identity of Istanbul, has been restored true to its original until the present day. Akaretler row houses were included in the scope of the renovation project in 1996. New shopping streets, cafes, museums, shops, parking lots, and hotels were built in the district within this project’s scope.

You can find many places to explore and museums to visit in the historic streets and buildings of Akaretler. The place that will fascinate you with its historical atmosphere is also home to different culinary delights and cultural elements. In these various restaurants and cafes and on the shopping streets, you can find entertainment and calm together.


Mendel’s is a specially made place for chocolate lovers where you can explore the famous streets of Akarets. Apart from its design and luxurious atmosphere, you can find many types of chocolate together in this place that will make you feel special. You can try brownie and cake types. Mendel’s is one of the most popular places to be regular with its chocolate, presentation, and taste.

Poets Coffee (Şairler Kahvesi) can be one of the most peaceful and quiet places you can find in Akaretler. After a long day of travel, you can find traces of Turkish literature in this place, built-in memory of Turkish poets, and eat delicious food with beautiful music.

Kalamata Meyhane

Kalamata Meyhane is one of the most accurate places to taste Turkish appetizers and listen to Turkish art music. In this place, one of the most beautiful taverns in Akaretler, you can try alcoholic beverage options and have a nice dinner. If you want to browse the shopping streets of Akaretler and make purchases from stores located in Turkey, let’s take a look at the stores. According to the measurements of the first store opened in Amsterdam, the Akareletler store of 290 Square Meters was rebuilt. In addition to the big brands you are familiar with, limited edition designer shoes, bags, clothes, and handmade jewelry are also sold here.

Frequently Asked Question

What to do in Akaretler?
You can eat Waffles at Mendel’s, go to Vogue for a fine dining experience, or head to the Beer Hall for a night out with friends.
In which district is Akaretler?
Akaretler is in Besiktaş district in Istanbul.
What does Akaretler mean?
Akaretler means “Venues which provide income”.
Is Akaretler a neighbourhood?
Yes. The neighborhood takes its name from a building built in 1875.