Istiklal Street:


Istiklal Street (Istiklal Avenue), it is a must for all travellers in Istanbul. Istiklal Street is a 1,4 km. long colorful , famous and the livest pedestrian street of Istanbul .Istiklal street includes all kind of shops, restaurants, cafes, street shows and it is located by the Taksim Square. Not only famous shops , restaurants ,cafes but also the nostalgic tram is an attractive point for travellers which runs through the length of the Istiklal Street. Located in the Taksim neighborhood of the Beyoglu district.

Shop in Istiklal Street is not less attractive than travelling around the Istiklal Street because Istıklal Street is hosting to so many famous brand range from most expensive brands to local sellers.Jewelleries ,old books ,individual shops , musical instruments line the street. One of the advantages of shopping in Istiklal Street , you can both enjoy your time visiting the historic part of Istiklal while doing your shopping.

Bagdat Street:

Are you in shopping in Bagdat Street ? Bagdat street is one of the best places to shop in Istanbul , it is located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul stretching for 14 km . Bagdat Street includes so many brands range from luxury and expensive brands like Vakko , Tommy Hilfiger , Michael Kors to local brands such as boutiques and passages which includes so many local sellers.


Let’s do shopping in Nisantası ! When we start to talk about luxury , fashion , culture and food Nısantası is one and the most famous attraction point for its visitors in Istanbul. The meaning of Nisantasi is “marking stone” which directly associated with filled target Stones ,erected to mark to record the mark of the Ottoman Sultans and archers. Today ,the visitors are going to notice directly that the street is a line with several famous label stores range from Prada , Louis Vuitton , Gucci , Zara and H&M etc. Do not worry not only labeled brands but also Nisantasi offers its unique shopping experience to all kind of budget. Every visitor of Nisantasi can find what they are looking for without feeling isolated. Moreover , there are also Turkish owned shops are available in Nisantasi like Beymen .

Abdi Ipekci Street:

Abdi Ipekci street is neighbourhood of Nisantasi street and also one of the most popular destiantion for visitors who are looking for luxury shopping in Istanbul. Abdi İpekci street is one of the most stylish areas of Istanbul that is why people always compare this street with the streets of Paris.Exclusive designer boutiques can be found in this street such as Louis Vuitton and Cartier , not only foreign brands but also Turkish premier department stores are located in this street such as Beymen is included the list of must visit.

Nuruosmaniye Street:

This street is for the ones who loves investing fine carpets , jewellery and antiques mostly rather than clothes , shoes and other kinds of outfit. The pedestrian street is one of the main streets which allows its visitors to the Grand Bazaar and wonderful shops.Nuruosmaniye Street is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul .

Serdar-I Ekrem Street:

Serdar-ı Ekrem Street is one of the most famous street in Istanbul and it is great attraction point for tourists and other visitors who wants to make shopping from very special designs designed by famous Turkish designers .Visitors will not see big labeled brands in the street because this street is famous for its little and cool boutiques owned by designers. Serdar-ı Ekrem Street is located in Beyoğlu , Istanbul .It is around 50 meters away from Galata Tower. Street has full of energy but you can experience calmness of Istanbul there.