The National Alcoholic Drink:

Raki is a sweetened, often anise-flavored alcoholic drink that is very popular in Turkey, it is often served with seafood, it is the go to spirit for celebrating a birthday or a promotion, and however you can’t just drink it anywhere, at any time, with anyone.

Different occasions call for different kind of Raki, a Raki-fueled night often ends with people dancing on tables and chairs, on such nights, the Raki gathering becomes a kind of group gathering to celebrate, in which a friend got engaged or married. Mostly it begins with a gentle subjects of work and daily life, having a glass or two of Raki later, it moves on to matters of the heart and deep communications.

The Famous Ayran:


Ayran, which is also known as the non-alcoholic national drink of Turkey, a yogurt-based refreshment, it is very easy to make one on your own by mixing its ingredients (Yogurt, Water, and Salt).

As much as the locals love ayran (it goes well with shish and kebabs), the drink is not well known for celebrations. Ayran actually is a summer drink, it is usually served as an appetizer, it goes really well as mentioned above with shish and kebabs, many street foods can be eaten with an Ayran in your hand, you can drink it as it is or by adding some mint to it.

The Turkish Tea Or Çay:

The Turkish Tea is not like any other black tea, it is big in Turkey, a way if life for Turkish cultureone of the best drinks in Turkey, it means a lot to the population, they admire this drink, whether it is winter or summer, it is indeed a quick way to relax and chill, Turkish tea is full-flavored and too strong to be served in big glasses, it is always served in little tulip shaped cups, which by the way you have to hold it by the rim to save your fingers from burning, it is served hot all the time.

During breakfast, tea is one of the main components of the Turkish breakfast, you can’t have a Turkish breakfast without a Turkish tea, you will feel that something is missing from the table.

The Turkish tea is consumed massively throughout the country, in public cafe’s, or restaurants, or at brunch, even when you are just relaxing or reading your favorite book, tea will bee there to give a refreshment company.

Take your daily does of caffaine from the amazing Turkish Coffee

There are many things you need to know about the famous Turkish coffee, derived from the Arabica bean and composed of a very fine grind, the Turkish coffee became famous all around the world for both its strong taste and dark brown color.

It is not just a normal traditional drink, with its amazing taste, the Turkish coffee is very popular for the locals for fortune telling, once you are finished with your coffee,close the cup with the saucer,and flip the cup and wait for coffee grounds to slip down, leaving marks all around the cup representing the past and the future of the drinker, once the cup is cooled, the shapes left by the coffee grounds can be read.

If you want to know more about the Turkish coffee, the best way is to go with a guide to know how to make the perfect Turkish coffee and taste delicious coffees.

Şalgam Or Şalgam Suyu:

It is pronounced “Shalgam”, it is a local drink prepared for a daily consumption or for a meal appetizer, and it goes back from southern Turkey cities as Adana, Hatay, Cappadocia, Tarsus, Mersin, and Izmir.

The main ingredient is red carrots, then bulgur-cracked wheat-yeast, salt and water.

As much as kebab conquered all cities in Turkey, so did Şalgam suyu, it is available all year long in markets, though it is recommended to choose the organic type of brand while buying it, not just for its mere good but also because it is the closest one to the original homemade juice, while you are touring around the old cities of Turkey check the corners for carts selling the juice, it is best served there with a slice of red carrot, and you are welcomed to sit down on a small table, then have a sip of the juice and chat with the vendor.

As you see Turkey has a lot of famous drinks spreading across the world, made with fresh ingredients and a smiley face, while you are in Turkey have a nice drink whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic and have a nice chilled experience.