Traditional Taverns History

Traditional taverns have an essential place in Turkish culture, and they are of great interest to locals and tourists. These traditional taverns, which contain imperative tastes of Turkish cuisine and reflect the entertainment side of Turkish culture, will be found in many places, especially in large cities. The taverns where you will find food and drinks from Turkish culture together and spend fun nights will offer you a great experience. Although traditional taverns have existed in Turkish culture for many years, it is worth noting that they have become more popular than usual in recent years. 

Istanbul is one of the most suitable cities for visiting traditional taverns and discovering entertainment, food, and drinks belonging to Turkish culture. Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey. The night entertainment continues non-stop, especially in places such as a tavern. Istanbul has been under the protection of different empires of various nationalities for centuries, and it has been shaped accordingly. The traditional taverns of Istanbul date back to the times of the Byzantine Empire, and the fame of these taverns was spoken even in the time of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, who conquered Istanbul.

The regular customers of the traditional taverns, which continued to exist in Istanbul during the Ottoman period, were usually rowers of ships and pirates of different nationalities. In Turkish culture, the tavern still retains its importance today and is one of the first places to mind when it comes to friendly entertainment.

Istanbul Traditional Taverns

Istanbul is a fantastic city that hosts different cultures and attracts the attention of everyone, local and foreign. It is possible to find as many types of food and drinks as you want in Istanbul, the most rehabilitated city in Turkey. The city is home to different places ranging from international cuisine to traditional Turkish cuisine. It is ideal for culinary lovers to explore.

The nightlife and entertainment in Istanbul continue all day long, and the city retains its vitality. One of the places that occupy the most prominent place in this entertainment life is the traditional taverns of Istanbul. The most popular drink drunk in these traditional taverns is “raki,” the famous Turkish alcoholic beverage. It is also part of the tradition to eat hot dishes and appetizers typical of Turkish cuisine in these taverns, serving many different alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. In traditional taverns, you can find live music options and watch different styles of dance performances.

Popular Places

There are many famous traditional taverns in Istanbul, and these places are very much in demand by locals and foreigners. If you want to come to visit Istanbul, let’s take a look at the places where you can try different Turkish foods and drinks together. Safa Tavern is one of the oldest traditional taverns in Istanbul and is located in Yedikule. Here you will find all kinds of delicacies, from various types of fish and meat to appetizers belonging to Turkish culture. You will be fascinated by the food and drinks. The building of this place is one of the most valuable historical artifacts inherited from the Ottoman period, with its high ceiling and glass cabinets embedded in its walls.

Another traditional tavern in Istanbul is Kört Agop Restaurant. It is known that this place has been one of the popular places for many celebrities in its history for close to a hundred years. The appetizers made in this restaurant, which is the most visited in the city and reflects the traditional tavern culture, are quite famous and are the first choice of many locals.

Despina Tavern, which was established in 1946, is one of the most famous traditional taverns that has survived thanks to its deep-rooted history. This tavern, located in Istanbul, attracts the attention of locals quite a lot and is ranked as one of the best in the city.

Frequently Asked Question

Where do I find the best traditional Taverns in Istanbul?
You can find the best taverns in Istanbul near the Bosphorus.
What to drink in a traditional Turkish tavern?
Raki and salgam.
What can I eat at a traditional Turkish tavern?
Various types of mezes.
Where does the traditional Turkish tavern culture come from?
Turkish taverns were first established in the Ottoman period.
Can I have fun in a traditional Turkish tavern?
Yes. The traditional music and the great service will make sure you have a great time at a traditional Turkish tavern.