Turkish breakfasts can vary greatly depending on the place you go to. However, there are a few essential elements for Turkish breakfast: 2 kinds of cheese, black olives, green olives, jam, honey, tahini molasses, butter, kaymak, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, and Turkish tea. Eggs in Turkish breakfasts can be presented in many different ways. Here is the list of the variety of eggs:

  • Pan Egg

  • Milk Omelette

  • Cheese Omelet

  • Boiled Egg

  • Scrambled Eggs

  • Menemen

  • Poached egg

Besides the egg varieties, we must mention the unique pastries for Turkish breakfast. Although these pastries are not obligatory, they are served in most restaurants and cafes. They are thought to create a good taste in the mouth with jams and sauces with tomato paste. Here are special pastries.

  • Su Böreği: This is a special sheet of dough made carefully and filled with cheese and parsley.

  • Simit: Unique salty donut covered with sesame and grape molasses

  • Sigara Böreği: It is a pastry with curd that stands out with its thinness and crispness.

  • Boyoz: A breakfast product is often eaten in Izmir, made with unleavened dough and various fillings.

  • Gözleme: This flattened and folded dough with fillings, made in a special sac cooking tool, is a satisfying delicacy that should be eaten hot.

  • Pisi: A special dough that resembles small pieces of bread.

Where to Taste Traditional Turkish Breakfast?

Istanbul, the megacity of Turkey, has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes in the city. You can visit the following places on the list we have prepared for you and taste the traditional breakfast, an essential part of the magnificent traditional Turkish cuisine.

Do not be surprised when you see all these nutritious products on your table!

Sütiş Emirgan

This place, which is among the good places to have breakfast in Istanbul, is located in the Emirgan district, on the shore of the Bosphorus. It is a decent restaurant where you can sip your Turkish coffee after Turkish breakfast if you wish. In this place, breakfast items are prepared on special Sütiş farms and brought to your plates.

Namlı Gurme, Karakoy

Those who want to experience a genuinely traditional Turkish breakfast should visit Namlı Gourmet Restaurant. For more than 40 years, they have satisfied their customers by offering organic products to their breakfast tables. The main feature of this restaurant is its pastrami. So do not forget to try it! This special place is open to tourists and locals alike every day.

Van Kahvaltı Evi, Cihangir

Van Kahvalti Evi, which is one of the most important places that comes to mind when breakfast is mentioned in Istanbul, is located in the Beyoğlu district as a restaurant. As the name suggests, the restaurant only serves breakfast. So, we can say that it is an authorized place for breakfast. You can enjoy the Van Kahvalti Evi, which offers you fresh and natural local specialties from the Eastern Anatolian highlands, as a family or alone. If you go to this lovely place, don't forget to taste the herbed cheese specially brought from Van.

Bebek Kahve

Scrambled eggs and simit are irreplaceable for this special breakfast place. It will be an excellent choice for those who want breakfast in the early morning with the Bosphorus view in Bebek. However, we have to remind you that if you like to have breakfast in the afternoon, I might stay in the sun.

Emek Café, Yenikoy

Emek Cafe, which appeals to the upper class and is located in a wealthy district, emerges as a place of pleasant taste among the mansions. This special place, which welcomes its customers, especially during breakfast hours, is most famous for its eggs. We strongly recommend this place to you with its long-standing experience.

Dogaciyiz Gourmet

Dogaciyiz Gourmet is our recommendation to those who want to taste great tastes at affordable prices. You will taste excellent breakfast sauces and delicacies in this place, which takes care to use natural and organic products. Also, you must try homemade lemonade.

Cafe Privato, Galata

Galata is a special district home to some of the best Turkish breakfast restaurants in Istanbul. Cafe Privato, like other places on this list, is a place where you will be satisfied for breakfast. This place serves special pastries for breakfast. It offers a great breakfast experience for people who love to eat. In addition, the cafe's interior design creates a very ancient and pleasant aura.

Kale, Bosphorus

This restaurant will be an excellent choice for those who want to try a special breakfast experience. Located between two bridges on the European side and the Bosphorus, this breakfast place with a magnificent atmosphere has exquisite breakfast flavors, so it satisfies both your eyes and your stomach.

Mangerie Bebek

This cafe-restaurant in the Bebek district, with its magnificent seaside tastes and view, is frequented by Turkish celebrities. However, the atmosphere of the place is relatively calm. Serves local specialties as well as international delicacies. Great place for early breakfast and late brunch.

Breakfast Street, Besiktas

Think of a street in Istanbul and think that this street is a special area full of breakfast rooms. This is the breakfast street in Beşiktaş. Although it is not very close to tourist attractions, it is a magnificent street for those who want to taste Turkish breakfast on the spot. Beşiktaş region is very lively. That's why many students have places to visit. Beşiktaş also offers many different options and reasonable prices to locals and tourists. Do not forget that if you go to this street, go to the available place and accompany the taste of Turkish breakfast with Turkish tea.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a typical breakfast in Istanbul?
A typical Turkish breakfast includes eggs, olives, Turkish tea, fresh cheese, tomatoes, sucuk, etc.
How much is breakfast in Turkey?
A typical breakfast varies from 10 to 30 Euros.
What food is popular in Istanbul?
Simit, Pide, Eggs with Sucuk, and Turkish tea make up the majority of Turkish breakfast tables.
What’s a healthy breakfast?
Filled whole-wheat pita with a hard-boiled egg and a veggie like spinach Veggies, salsa, and low-fat shredded cheese are stuffed inside a whole-wheat tortilla.
What is a light breakfast?
Liquids, one egg, cereal, or a piece of bread make up a light breakfast. Avoid fatty meals like bacon and sausage.