Savoy Bakery (Savoy Pastanesi)

Savoy Bakery is in the Cihangir district of Beyoğlu, well known for its historical buildings and one of the famous touristic attractions of Istanbul. It is one of the favorite bakeries in Istanbul. Savoy Bakery has a rich food and drinks menu, and you can try traditional Turkish cuisines such as various breakfast items, bagels, börek, and cakes. You can easily reach the Savoy Bakery by public vehicles such as buses, minibusses, Marmaray, and the metro.

Divan Bakery (Divan Pastanesi)

The Divan Bakery, its first branch, was opened in Istanbul in 1956, thanks to the much-admired desserts prepared by Swiss chef Kunderdt, famous cook of the Divan Hotel, which is one of the most famous bakeries in Turkey. Divan Bakery's high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes make it one of the most important representatives of the Turkish pastry and dessert tradition. Divan Bakery, which has branches in Istanbul, Ankara, and Muğla, continues to offer a tasty feast to dessert lovers of Istanbul. Divan Bakery has branches in many districts of Istanbul and is easily reachable with public transportation.

Simit Sarayı

Simit Sarayı, the representative of the traditional Turkish bagel, is a famous bakery in Turkey. Turkish bagel (simit) accompanies breakfasts and tea talks. In addition, an indispensable element of Turkish culture is one of the famous street foods of Turkey. Simit Sarayı operates in 25 countries worldwide and has branches in many districts of Istanbul. Don't end your trip without tasting Turkish bagel and tea at Simit Sarayı, which has a comprehensive menu of food and drinks, including breakfast, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, ice cream, desserts, pastries, and pies.

Ortaköy Bakery (Ortaköy Pastanesi)

Located in the Ortaköy district, one of the famous tourist attractions of Istanbul, Ortaköy Bakery is a popular bakery in Istanbul. It has a rich food and drink menu consisting of breakfast, hot and cold beverages, desserts, pastries, and gluten-free desserts. You can visit Ortaköy Bakery to take a break from your trip to the historical Ortaköy mosque, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul. Take a breath and try delicious desserts.

Patisserie de Pera

Patisserie de Pera is a famous bakery located inside the famous Pera Palace Hotel, which hosted the passengers of the world-famous Orient Express and famous people such as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, King VIII Edward, Queen Elizabeth, Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, Yugo president Tito, Alfred Hitchcock, Pierre Loti, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ernest Hemingway, and Agatha Christie. Patisserie de Pera continues to bring its customers together with handmade chocolates, traditional French cakes, and special Turkish delicacies, with recipes handed down from generation to generation. You can easily reach the patisserie in Beşiktaş by using public transportation. You can try amazing desserts in this unique bakery if you want to pamper yourself.

Beyaz Bakery (Beyaz Fırın)

Beyaz Bakery, which started as a small bagel bakery in the Balat district of Istanbul in the mid-1800s and continues to serve its customers as a bakery and patisserie today, is one of the most famous bakeries in Istanbul, which has a place in the hearts of its customers as one of the centuries-old tastes. Having witnessed the history of Turkey since the day it was founded, Beyaz Bakery continues to cheer up the stomachs of sweet and pastry lovers with its rich food and drink menu and centuries-old recipes in many districts of Istanbul.

Kara Bakery (Karafırın)

In 1988, Orhan and Ayhan Karal took their first steps in the profession inherited from their ancestors in Bakırköy Ülkü Bread Factory. They become one of the leading names in the sector by differentiating themselves from their competitors with the production of brand-new bread types, cookies, cakes, and rusks. 

In 1992, the Karal brothers, who wanted to further their experience in pastry, opened the first bakery KARAFIRIN in Bakırköy, to keep their grandfather's legacy alive. Karafırın is one of the most famous bakeries in Istanbul with its long-lasting family history, innovative recipes, and rich food and drinks menu. Do not finish your visit without trying the food and drinks on the rich menu of Kara Fırın, which has branches in many districts of Istanbul

Frequently Asked Question

What are the most popular bakery items?
Cookies, Pastries, Cake, Cinnamon Rolls, etc.
Which country is famous for bakeries?
What is the most expensive dessert?
A chocolate sundae produced in New York, priced at 25,000 U.S. dollars.
Which country invented ice cream?
What kinds of pastries are sold in Turkish bakeries?
Pide and bread, different types of cakes, simits, pastries etc.