The fact that fishing is especially common in the Black Sea region has become widespread with the keeping of tens of different kinds of fish. The Black Sea is famous for its diversity and abundance of fish. This sea, which has led to the development of fisheries in Turkey, has a significant contribution to Turkish cuisine. Various fish and seafood dishes in Turkish culture are blended with today's western influences and continue to be guests at dinner tables, and they are one of the best things to eat in Istanbul.

The Place of Fish and Seafood in Turkish Culture

Fish, which has been important in Turkish culture for centuries, is frequently used in various recipes and menus. Fish is blended with Turkish culture and comes to the tables as various dishes. A variety of dishes made from freshly caught fish are served all over the country, as well as canned goods such as tuna fish with a western influence. It has an important place not only in food but also in drinking culture. 

Fish varieties, especially consumed with raki, are loved and consumed by everyone, from seven to seventy, with their light and delicious taste. Among the seafood products, not only fish but also various products such as mussels and crabs are among the stars of the table. The mussel, which has adapted to Turkish street culture over the years, is widely preferred thanks to its affordable price.

Popular Seafood Dishes

Seafood is a must-eat dish when you come to Istanbul! Seafood, one of the main dishes of culture, and various fish species came together for you in Istanbul! Here are a few seafood dishes that have a strong point in Turkish cuisine!


Tuna, which is one of the seafood products that has been adapted from Western culture to Turkish culture in a short time, is used as the main ingredient in various dishes from salads to pasta. Tuna, which is preferred in meals served as lunch or dinner, is an important protein source for its mild taste and beneficial minerals.


Mussels, one of the leading Turkish street delicacies, are sold as mobile on almost every street corner. Mussels, which are preferred as a snack, especially on the beach sides, can be served in various ways in restaurants. This food, which attracts the attention of young people, is one of the most consumed dishes among seafood. There are even those who consume dozens of mussels at once due to their affordable price. With an average price of 4 Turkish lira per grain, mussels are perfect for eating with the compliance cold drinks and conversation.


A favorite of fish restaurants, a must for fancy dinners, salmon! Salmon, the most preferred type of fish in romantic dinners, is one of the most elegant seafood products. One of the best-selling seafood in fish and seafood restaurants, salmon, offers visitors a delicious dinner experience with delicious recipes made in the oven. Salmon, one of the favorite fish varieties of children, is offered for sale in almost every seafood restaurant in Istanbul thanks to its boneless structure.


One of the most popular dishes among seafood stew dishes is shrimp! One of the favorites among oven and pan dishes, shrimp is among the number one meals of seafood lovers. Shrimp, one of the indispensable beverage tables, is one of the best-selling seafood dishes in fish restaurants with its light structure and nutritional content. This product, which can also be preferred as a snack, can be consumed as pasta, salad, or fried. Shrimp, which you can choose in various dishes according to your taste, are freshly brought out for you from the calm waters of Turkey.


The chief of Turkish seafood culture anchovy! Anchovy, a fish, freshly pulled from the Black Sea region and consumed in abundance at every meal from morning to evening, is one of the primary foods that make up Turkish cuisine. Believe it or not, it's a fish that's even made into dessert! Anchovy, a type of fish that shapes the seafood culture, is served with every kind of dish you can think of. 

This fish, which is an indispensable part of Black Sea raki tables, meets its loved ones in every seafood restaurant without exception. You can experience Turkish cuisine with anchovy varieties you can eat anywhere in Istanbul. There are even those who come from abroad to try the anchovy, which everyone from seven to seventy loves to eat!

Where Can I Eat Seafood and Fish Dishes in Istanbul?

Although seafood restaurants are concentrated in the Black Sea region, the city of Istanbul is known as a city where all cultures of Turkey blend perfectly. Seafood restaurants in many parts of the city are divided into both family venues and entertainment venues. In other words, it is possible to come across a fish restaurant that appeals to everyone. You can either have a pleasant dinner with your family or have a raki fish experience with your friends. You can enjoy fresh fish and seafood at restaurants across the Bosphorus. Seafood restaurants suitable for all budgets in various parts of Istanbul are waiting to offer you an affordable feast. You can also make your reservation and experience the delicious taste of fresh fish from the Black Sea!

Frequently Asked Question

What fishes are in the seas of Turkey?
Hamsi, sea bass, Red Bream, Comber, Stripped Bream, etc.
Are there seahorses in Turkey?
Until the 1950s, there were many seahorses in the Black sea.
Where can I eat fresh fish in Istanbul?
Fish restaurants in Istanbul generally have fresh fish but if you want to ''right out from the sea'' then you can go to Besiktas or Kadikoy fish markets.
Is there salmon in Turkey?
Turkey has to import salmon as salmon doesn’t live in Turkish seas.