Most fish markets in Istanbul are in special neighborhoods like Uskudar, Kadikoy, and Beyoglu. Each neighborhood provides different kind of experience to the visitors. So that you enjoy an amazing experience in the city. It is very recommended to visit each neighborhood in the city to get the ultimate joy. Don’t hesitate to try Istanbul’s fresh fish with the Turkish Raki during your visit, because IT IS THE BEST as simple as that. Istanbul Tourist Pass will guide your Istanbul Experience.

Beşiktaş Balik Pazari (Besiktas Fish Bazaar):

The Besiktas area is not just known for its magical views. But it is also famous for its fish market, which sits in the middle of the neighborhood, underneath a modern, concrete awning. All around the square you will find fish mongers presenting their daily catch. If you have a bit of an appetite, you can also choose to eat at one of the many nice fish restaurants that are located just near the market such as Mavi Balik, Eftalya Balik and Mira Balik restaurants they are amazingly perfect.

Kadiköy Balik Pazari (Kadikoy Fish Market):

The Kadikoy area offers one of the best fish markets there is in the city. The fish market is a sprawling street of shops and fish stalls, that not only have the freshest seafood, but also other delicious goods that range from organic honey to pickled vegetable to Turkish cheese. One of the best market’s fishmongers is Kadı Nimet Balıkçılık, which apart from selling fresh fish also has its own restaurant in case you want to eat fresh fish on site don’t mess our culinary walks Tour at Kadikoy in order to experience all that.

Beyoğlu Balik Pazari:

The city’s most central fish market, the Beyoglu fish Bazaar is pretty much like the Kadikoy one but also has much more than just fresh fish. Definitely drop by Akin Balik, the marke’s favorite fishmonger, open only to provide the top-quality seafood there is. İn addition to seafood, the market has also many things to be on the lookout for, like the Turkish Delights, fresh products and variations of cheese. You can also wander around the market;s many shops to do a spot of food shopping also Tarihi Karakoy Balik Lokantasi is highly recommended to have this magical tasty seafood.

Üsküdar Balik Pazari:

The place is another seafood gem on the Asian side of Istanbul, the Uskudar Bazaar is situated in an indoor market where every stall is glistening with fresh fish that range from sea bass to bream, one of the market’s best stalls is Bridge Restaurant, so make sure to drop by there first to see what’s in season.

Bebek Balikevi:

Bebek is a wonderful neighborhood famous for its port and restaurants, the area very beautiful and has many things to offer including fresh fish market

Located in the upscale Bebek neighborhood on the Bosphorus, Bebek Balikevi caters to the wealthier Istanbul residents and makes sure to include a fresh selection of lobster and shrimp. The market also happens to be located close to Bebek Balıkçısı, one of the city’s finest fish restaurants.

Many places like Kadikoy or Uskudar have special magic in their areas, both are on the Asian side of Istanbul, but both offers different experience and different fish market outlet. Same thing as in the European side where places like Beyoglu have the best atmosphere to see. Every place is enjoyable in its own way, so keep in mind before you visit any neighborhood in Istanbul, you will get different experience both in quality and service. In addition, Istanbul is between two seas so that helps the fishmongers sell the freshest fish there is to the customers.