The evolution of belly dance is highly underestimated. Even a debate exists in its origin and name. What more interesting is the discussion on whether belly dance is a stereotype or should be seen as a source of power. Some still believe it is just for entertainment, but performers say belly dancing is a celebration and an expression of femine strength. Belly dancing is a widely debated topic. Some people think it originated in Turkey, while some believe it started in Egypt or India. Belly dancing was also widely performed during the Ottoman Empire. In the imperial harems, women used to dance for sultans.

Sultana’s Belly Dancing Show And Dinner:

This restaurant does not just offer you fantastic menu and food options, in addition to the atmosphere they provide and wonderful host and service, they also provide one of the best belly dancing shows in Istanbul. Watch Turkey’s award winning belly dancers perform in an amazing atmosphere while enjoying a multiple selection of Turkish ottoman cuisine for dinner and watching belly dancing. There are also traditional Turkish shows and other surprise acts so stay tuned while you are there.

The night begins with one of four Turkish belly dancers’ performance. Folk dancing from around Anatolia is on show through the night as well. Also the exclusive “Harem Life” performance will give a light-hearted glimpse into life in the Ottoman sultan’s palace.

Sultana’s is where world famous belly dancer Didem made her name and performed for over 10 years. So watch the belly dancing stars of the future perform their best in the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in Şişli, the area is located in the middle of Istanbul so you won’t get lost. And also the avenue has many other things you may want to check out.

A Dinner Cruise On The Bosphorus With Belly Dancing Show:

İf you want to enjoy Istanbul’s magic at night while grapping a bite from a rich Turkish cuisine and enjoy Turkish dances. A Bosphorus dinner cruise and Turkish night show is the ideal activity for you in Istanbul. Hop in the boat for sightseeing the best out of Istanbul that will take you through the Bosphorus. Spend your evening in Istanbul crusing around this wonderful Bosphorus strait while you enjoy your dinner and show. The boat follows a route that includes views of Istanbul’s top attractions. Cruise past the city of Istanbul while eating, drinking, and enjoying your show. As you cruise around Istanbul, the host will offerr you a traditional Turkish dinner. the Bosphorus Cruise under the night sky and see the beautiful lights of Istanbul, the Bosphorus bridge, and the Maiden’s Tower. So sit back and watch a folklore show to give you a taste of the Anatolian culture the city has to offer.

Taking a cruise for dinner and a show will likely be your unforgattable moments in Istanbul, since you combine many things to do, sightseeing, cruising, dinner, and having a lovely night with belly dancing show. The experience you will get gonna be lovely. İn addition to the hosts offering you a great amount of service so you get the best out of this experience and enjoying your evening so you will not forget this memory.

Ottoman sultans used to enjoy their evening with belly dancing shows for their entertainment. And of course if you want to see this show, you also want some dinner or delights to enjoy the food. Seeing the belly dancing shows will take you on an Ottoman experience and feel the life of the Ottoman Sultans they used to have Spend an evening at the Hodjapsha Cultural Centre and enjoy a fantastic dance showcase.