So, they entitled Kadıköy as the land of the blind. That is why Kadıköy is mentioned as the land of the blind in many resources. It had been an important place for high-level people in the Ottoman Empire era. Even today, Kadıköy is still an attraction center for local and foreign people with entertainment, shopping, art, and cultural places. In this article, we will discuss transportation, tourist attractions, shopping streets, restaurants, cafes, and bars of Kadıköy, and give you some tips for what you can do here to have fun.

What’s in Kadıköy?

Kadıköy is a famous shopping district for shopping lovers in İstanbul. Kadıköy is appealing to many people from Anatolian and the European side of İstanbul. There are a bunch of stores and famous shopping streets of Kadıköy that are suitable for all needs and styles. Shopping in Kadıköy is not restricted to clothing; you can also find bohemian and retro clothes, second-hand books, records, home decoration products, second-hand products, jewelry, cosmetic products, and shoes. There is also a mall for those who prefer to shop indoors to cool off in summer and warm up in winter. Kadıköy is one of the best and maybe the only place to find many products for affordable prices.


Akmar is one of the oldest and most famous alleys of Kadıköy. It is a meeting point for people, and there are second-hand book shops where people come to buy rare novels and course books. Akmar alley is the best place you should visit if you are a collector, or you want to buy the first edition of a book.

Bahariye Street

Bahariye street is the most famous and known shopping street in Kadıköy. It is a long and crowded shopping street, surrounded by shops convenient for every budget and style. It is known for its affordable clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and shoe shops. Bahariye Street has Kadıköy’s cheapest shops. You must visit Bahariye Street not only for shopping but also for taking a walk on a nostalgic street next to the famous Kadıköy- Moda tram. The most exciting and beautiful building on Bahariye Street, which has many historical buildings and churches, is the Süreyya Opera House.

Çilek Street

Çilek (strawberry) Street is an up-front shopping street in Kadıköy. It is behind the famous bull statute of Kadıköy. Çilek Street has many affordable purse and clothing boutiques. According to many, Çilek Street is the heart of İstanbul’s fashion. Almost every woman and teenage girl visited Çilek Street for shopping, affordable prices, and fashionable products.

Onur Bazaar

Onur Bazaar is the most preferred shopping street for shoe addicts in İstanbul. Onur Bazaar is also known as a famous shoe bazaar. You can easily find the trendiest shoes of the season and collections that are not even available in the stores of well-known brands in this bazaar. You can buy shoes for affordable prices, especially at the season end.

Kadıköy Salı Pazarı (Cheap Jack)

Kadıköy Salı Pazarı is set up on one of the oldest shopping streets of Kadıköy and is one of the famous cheap jacks of İstanbul. You can visit Kadıköy Salı Pazarı every Tuesday and Friday. Pazar is an open-air mall where you can find branded products for affordable prices. Salı Pazar is a famous shopping street known for cheap clothing, fabric, purse, shoes, and home decoration products.

Tepe Nautilus

Tepe Nautilus is a mall located in Kadıköy. Tepe Nautilus is next to the Marmaray Ayrılıkçeşmesi Station. Tepe Nautilus mall is a good option for those who want to go shopping and grab a meal in a cool place in summer and a warm spot in winter. 

A Boutiqe Part of Kadıköy: Moda

It is believed that the Moda got its name from distinguished people such as noble English families, bureaucrats, and artists who lived there in the 19th century. Things to do in Moda are taking a nice walk by the beach, having breakfast in tea gardens, cafes, and restaurants, watching the sunset by the beach, eating ice cream from famous shops, and visiting museums. Moda Park and Yoghurtçu Park are lively parks where young people prefer to hang out in summer. 

Moda is a beautiful street with antique and vintage shops and the Barış Manço museum, which was founded with the contributions of Kadıköy Municipality and the Manço family, to the memory of the late Barış Manço, one of Turkey’s most beloved artists. Another thing to do in Moda is buy ice cream from Moda’s famous ice cream shop, Dondurmacı Ali Usta, and eat your delicious ice cream while walking by the beach in summer. But we must warn you about one thing, this ice cream shop is famous for its long queues as well as its delicious ice cream

Frequently Asked Question

Is Kadikoy district affordable?
Being one of the most crowded districts in Istanbul, Kadikoy district has many shops, therefore making the prices more affordable.
Should I visit Kadikoy?
Kadikoy houses many historical and cultural places, so if you’re visiting Istanbul, you should definitely go to Kadikoy.
Is getting to Kadikoy easy?
Public transportation in Istanbul is very sophisticated, so getting to Kadikoy should be no problem.