The street bears Abdi Ipekci's name; he was a well-known newspaper editor-in-chief. The ideal street for those who enjoy shopping is Abdi Ipekci Street. It may be considered the fashion heart of Istanbul with luxury names like Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Hermes, and so on. If this is your first time visiting Istanbul, you might be interested in learning how to get to Abdi Ipekci Street.

What to Do around Abdi Ipekci Street

As previously said, Abdi Ipekci Street serves as a gathering place for a variety of well-known and upscale companies. Prada, Tod's, Rolex, and other brands are some of them. The first choice seems to be shopping. You'll be mesmerized by the enticing and sparkling storefronts. Spend the day shopping, picking up lovely gifts for your loved ones and souvenirs from your vacation to Istanbul. Park Macka is fantastic if you want to spend the day relaxing and taking in nature. There are groups that are dancing, playing sports, drinking, or doing physical activity. It's a fantastic getaway from the city to unwind and re-energize.

Or you could check out Kucukciftlik Park, a fantastic venue for concerts and festivals if you want something louder and more lively. Additionally, it is extremely close to a roadway. You might find an intriguing event if you keep an eye on its website for upcoming ones. Taking the cable car between Macka and Taskisla is a fun activity as well. You will be able to see Nisantasi and Macka from above, and you will even pass over the previously mentioned Kucukciftlik Park. On Abdi Ipekci Street, there is a gallery for art enthusiasts called Kare Art Gallery. You should glance at the modern creations of many Turkish artists.

Having Fun on Abdi Ipekci Street

The city of Istanbul never sleeps. For a fun night out, there are various nightclubs, bars, and traditional taverns called "meyhane." One place that is constantly active in Nisantasi. Let's move on to the bars on Abdi Ipekci Street. Let's start by outlining one traditional Turkish way to enjoy a night out. Abdi Ipekci Street is 20 minutes on foot from Kiva Meyhane. The following one is Sess Nisantasi, currently one of Istanbul's most popular nightclubs. Since the majority of the songs on their playlist are Turkish pop songs from the 2000s, Sess Nisantasi is a must-visit place if you want to understand what music was popular back then.

The interior is filled with artwork by Turkish artists, and the ambiance is centered on earlier Turkish pop culture. Although it is open at 2:00, it is best to arrive around 23:00. The dress code should be observed, and reservations should be made in advance. The Rhythm of the Dance Show at the Hodjapasha Cultural Center can be of interest to those looking to experience the Turkish traditional entertainment mindset. For fans of performance art, this is an ideal chance to experience the distinctive and dynamic dance performances by professional dancers, including belly dancing, Ottoman harem dances, and more contemporary, contemporary acts.

Cocktails by Atiye, which is open until 1:00 a.m. and hosts DJ performances on a number of nights, is also a good spot to enjoy a variety of cocktails. On the other side, Biber Bar is located on the street and offers delectable cocktails if you're looking for a more relaxed drinking occasion. Compared to the preceding two, the mood in Biber Bar is more relaxed

Frequently Asked Question

What other activity can be done near Abdi Ipekci Street?
Spend the day shopping and pick up thoughtful presents for loved ones and mementos of your trip to Istanbul.
Is Abdi Ipekci Street a great place to shop?
Abdi Ipekci Street is the best street for people who like to shop.
Is there a pub where I can have a drink?
The street-side Biber Bar serves delicious cocktails.