The story of his name is that, according to a rumor, Fatih Sultan Mehmet performed the first Friday prayer here after the conquest. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who went with his armies, said, “Let’s perform Friday prayers in that pit.” It then merged into Çukurcuma, a combination of the words pit and Friday in Turkish. Another feature of the district is that there are few sidewalks. This adds a different atmosphere to the district. And we see that most of the buildings in the district are old historical buildings. Here you can find vintage products, souvenirs, jewelry, plaques, decorative items, and many rare pieces and artifacts.

Art, History, and Taste

When Çukurcuma is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is art, antiques, museums, and historical places.


  • One of the most well-known places is the Museum of Innocence. The museum was opened in 2012. To briefly talk about the museum, the objects given in the books of Nobel Prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk are exhibited in the Museum of Innocence. Visiting hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10.00-18.00

  • Another museum is the Orhan Kemal Museum. The museum, which houses the belongings and works of Orhan Kemal, one of the most famous writers of the literary world, is a must-visit place.

Historical Places:

  • Çukurcuma Bath (Çukurcuma Hamamı): It was built in 1830 by Nakşedil Valide Sultan, who was the wife of the Abdulhamid I and the spiritual mother of Mahmud II. The famous Çukurcuma Hamam, which was under renovation for a long time, was reopened in 2018.

  • Historical Galatasaray Bath (Tarihi Galatasaray Hamamı): The historical Galatasaray Bath, located in the Galatasaray Complex, was built by Beyazıt II in 1481. It has an exciting story. While walking around the plot where the current Galatasaray High School is located, Sultan Beyazıt catches his eye on a shack. The owner of this shack is Gül Baba. Sultan Beyazıt meets this person and asks if he has a request. Gül Baba wants a large school and a domed bath on this land. The Sultan does not refuse this request and had this complex built-in 1481.

  • Muhittin Molla Fenari Mosque: Muhiddin Molla Fenari Mosque was built by Architect Sinan in 1541-1547 by Fenerizade Şeyhülislam Muhiddin Mehmet Efendi. There is no dome in the mosque. Instead, there is a wooden roof. It has a total area of 300 square meters. Right across the mosque, there is the Ömer Ağa fountain dating from 1720.

  • Hagia Triada Church: It is the church built during the reign of Abdülhamid II. It was made according to the drawings of the architect Potesaros design. Its construction lasted between 1867-and 1880. The church, which has Gothic architecture, has two bell towers. It was restored and reopened on March 23, 2003.

  • Corinne Hotel: It is on Faik Paşa street. It was built by Architect Kemaleddin Bey. It was built as the 3rd Foundation Inn in 1911-1913. It reflects the Ottoman style of the Neo-Classical style. It was used as the house famous series in the 90s. 

Places of Interest

Antiques and Antique Stores

Dozens of shops accompany you for old memories and to feel that energy. It is known as Antikacılar Mahallesi, located in the lower part of Cihangir. You can travel to the past by entering the antique shops dispersed all around.

French Street “Algeria”

This place is known as French Street. It is famous for its many favorite cafes. For street lighting, there are gas-operated lamps, and they were covered by the Paris municipality. Street cafe, jazz bar, picture gallery, restaurant, boutique hotel, French delicatessen, antique shop, perfumery, flower house, patisserie, etc. It contains many more shops. It is exactly a shopping street. You can also find interesting auctions around here

What to Eat in Çukurcuma?

  • Çukurcuma Köftecisi (Meatballs): The famous meatball restaurant that celebrities and people visit when they come to Çukurcuma.

  • Asri Turşucusu: It is where a sweet movie, Joyful Days, from the famous Yeşilçam movies, was shot. It has been serving since 1913.

  • Corinne Brasserie: When you want a different atmosphere in Çukurcuma, one of the places you should go to is Corinne Brasserie. There is also an accommodation opportunity in this place, which will warm you up with both its view and wine and coffee.

  • Salon Cuma – Antique Haus: You can realize the quality with the delicious food and services they offer in a different atmosphere. You can choose for invitation & music & cocktail bar.

How can You Go to Çukurcuma?

In addition to public transport, it is possible to reach Çukurcuma by walking from Taksim in a shrt time.

  • Bus: 129T, 49T, 54E, 55T, 66, 74A, 80T, 93T, 97T

  • Train: MARMARAY 

  • Metro: M2

  • Tram: T1

  • Minibus: Dolmus D-31 or D-61

Frequently Asked Question

What kind of place is Cukurcuma?
Cukurcuma is a historical place that was built around the 16th century.
In which district is Cukurcuma?
Cukurcuma is in Beyoglu.
What to eat in Cukurcuma?
You can eat pizzas, kebabs, lahmacuns and mantis in Cukurcuma.