Turkish Cuisine

From kebabs to manti, and from salgam to raki, Turkish cuisine is packed with delicious and remarkable things for your taste buds to enjoy. Read More

The best example of this is seen in breakfasts which are said to be the most important meal of the day. Different from what is generally seen in a European or American breakfast, the Turkish breakfast has a variety of choices to eat. There are pastries like the famous simit or bagels, apart from fruits, vegetables, different kinds of cheese and jams, eggs, and various types of meat like pastrami that are generally consumed with the famous Turkish black tea. While Turkey has many famous options of dishes like the Turkish ravioli (Manti) or the döner kebab, the multicultural texture of the country enriches the national cuisine in both plant or legume-based dishes and other meat-based dishes. Thanks to the fact that the country is student-friendly, there are many options for students for cheap and delicious meals.


·      Home-cooked meals of the national cuisine.

·       Multiple flavors for taste in almost every meal of Turkish cuisine.

·       Many plates on the table with various types of dishes.

·       A rich breakfast that includes various choices from vegetables to meat.

·       Cheap and delicious meals for students to eat quickly.

You will fall in love with the cuisine in Turkey!

Turkey is one of the countries that have an undeniable advantage in its cuisine. The country has a multicultural texture that has been contributing to the richness of the country’s national cuisine. There are various types of dishes in Turkey that change from meat-based meals to plant or legume-based meals. The food makes up a great part of the national culture, and it is an important aspect for the Turkish people to have home-cooked meals. All members of the family contribute to the preparation of the dishes just like the multiple flavors in one meal. Turkish cuisine works with spices in such a professional way that while the meals are delicious experiences each time they are eaten, the spices do not overcome the consumers as they do in other cuisines. 

Having multiple options is important in all three meals of the day, especially at breakfast time. Even a simple Turkish breakfast includes fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, meat-based products like pastrami or sausage, and the famous Turkish black tea. While the meals are this rich, there are many options for students to eat quickly and cheaply. Students can access cheap and delicious dishes to eat like the famous döner kebab even for meals to be consumed on the go. There are many types of dishes in Turkey that can make your mouth water even by describing them, and they are waiting for you to come and taste them