What Types of Dishes are There in the Turkish Breakfast?

Turkish breakfast stands out with its hearty quality and a wide variety. Breakfast, a blend of light snacks combined with local flavors, can be considered the most important meal of the day for Turkish society. Therefore, it contains all kinds of nutritious foods. A few foods are indispensable for breakfast and can be considered the main reflections of Turkish culture.

1- Simit

Simit, which is at the top of the things to eat in Istanbul, takes the lead among Turkish breakfast items. Simit, a kind of bread obtained from the baking of sesame and dough, is frequently consumed not only for breakfast but also for every meal of the day, thanks to its satisfying and delicious taste. Besides the venues, the simit, which you can find even on the street, is one of the great street delicacies that you can snack on while walking on the street at an affordable price. Simit, which has been consumed fondly by Turkish society for centuries, is one of the indispensables of Turkish breakfasts today.

2- Menemen

This unique flavor, made by frying onions, peppers, and tomatoes in oil, has a beautiful smell and taste with the egg cracked on it. Especially preferred by Turkish people for weekend breakfasts, menemen is among both practical and delicious Turkish breakfast items.  

3- Muhlama

Muhlama, a widespread breakfast item in the Black Sea region of Turkey, is a complex dish to prepare and has a lot of flavors. Muhlama is a dish that you can order, especially in restaurants and breakfast places. It is a breakfast dish made with appetizing ingredients such as cheese, butter, and starch. Fresh cheese gets longer and longer, is served today not only in the Black Sea region but also in many parts of Istanbul. Muhlama, which is among the breakfast items that should be eaten in Turkey, is a product that is difficult to make at home.

4- Pastries

Breakfast items, where pastries are widely consumed throughout the country, are the soft form of croissants. These breakfast dishes, called pastry and pogaca, can also be sold in small patisseries at the beginning of the street. Pastries that appeal to the taste of everyone from seven to seventy with their various ingredients are indispensable for breakfast tables both at home and outside. These breakfast dishes, which are among the favorite Turkish breakfast items, are almost as good as bread with their satisfying features. You can also consume it as a snack at an affordable price during the day.

5- Cheese Plates

The breakfast tables, decorated with various cheese flavors from all over Turkey, are among the favorite breakfast dishes of tourists, with their tastes appealing to different tastes. Cheese, which has many options such as hard or soft, salty or unsalted, is among the most essential foods of Anatolian culture. It is also used in making breakfast items such as handmade cheese varieties, pastries, and pastries, which are preferred all over the country.

Turkish Tea

Tea, which has one of the most important places in Turkish cuisine, comes from the highlands that are exported to the whole world from the Black Sea region of the country. Turkey, which is the largest tea producer globally, makes delicious brewed tea the crown of breakfast tables. Tea, one of the drinks that must be tried in Turkey, has a great place in Turkish culture.

Places to Eat a Turkish Breakfast

You can enjoy Turkish breakfast at breakfast places you can come across in every district of Istanbul. The breakfast service, which usually lasts until 2 to 3 pm, is in high demand every day of the week. Ortaköy, a district famous for its breakfast places, manages to attract the attention of foreign tourists, especially with its proximity to the Bosphorus. If you want to enjoy breakfast with a sea view next to the Bosphorus, you may prefer Ortaköy.

In addition, Şile is the choice of those who like to get away from the crowds of Istanbul and be in touch with nature. With its natural beauty and clean air, Şile is one of the famous districts of both local and foreign tourists and is ideal for those who want to relieve the tiredness of the city. This district, which attracts great attention, especially on weekends, is ready to show you a side of Istanbul that you have never seen before. At the same time, you can choose Karaköy and Beyoğlu for a pleasant Turkish breakfast, and you can enjoy a long breakfast among historical beauties.

How Much Is a Turkish Breakfast?

A traditional Turkish breakfast is divided into two, either served on a plate or served as a spread. The price of this breakfast, which usually includes items such as olives, cheese, salad, bread, oil, eggs, and tea, is around 10 Turkish liras per person. However, Turkish breakfast, which is served in a spread and suitable for large groups, can vary between 10 and 20 Euro per person, as it has a wider variety of food. When you go to Istanbul, you can enjoy an unforgettable and satisfying breakfast by choosing the most suitable breakfast type for your hunger level and budget.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Turkish breakfast healthy?
Yes, Turkish breakfast is packed with proteins and healthy fat.
What is a typical Turkish breakfast?
A typical Turkish breakfast can be eggs, dried meat (sucuk), cheese, olive and jam.
What does a Turkish breakfast consist of?
There are many things you can eat in a Turkish breakfast, but the most basic one is scrambled eggs with appetizers.
How much is Turkish breakfast in Istanbul?
The price for a breakfast for an individual can range from 70 to 200 depending on the spot you eat.
What cheese is in Turkish breakfast?
Kashar cheese is the most famous cheese used by Turkish people during breakfasts.