Emirgan Sütiş was established in 1953. Mevlüt Kocadağ has started his adventure with the opening of the first shop where he can make dessert varieties he learned from his family. He founded the first Sutis in Nisantasi and laid the foundations of Emirgan Sutis. After Nişantaşı, Emirgan Sütiş was opened with Taksim and Bosphorus view. Emirgan Sütiş draws attention with its water buffalo and cow milk made from its own farm. Emirgan Sütiş, producing its own cheeses and breads, uses natural products without additives with its 25 years of sour yeast.

Emirgan Sütiş Arnavutköy is one of the stylish restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals accompanied with Bosphorus views. With its friendly staff, you can be assured of delicious food. Emirgan Sütiş can also have breakfast or dinner. Emirgan Sütiş serves with various and healthy options.

You should start a day in Istanbul with Cruise on Bosphorus Tour. Your first stop is Ortakoy and you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Bosphorus. You can visit the Büyük Mecidiye Mosque and get information about the mosque from your tour guide. You should definitely eat Kumpir and Waffles in Ortaköy. Your second stop is Küçüksu in Asia. This place has hosted many films. Or you can see the Maiden's Tower if you want. It has many legends about the Maiden's Tower. It is interesting with its interesting architecture and its location in the middle of the Bosphorus.  As you continue the tour, you will see the Rumeli Hisarı Fortress and the Anadolu Kavağı. Finally, you can go to Poyrazköy, swim or enjoy the sun. You will have a day full of Bosphorus views and you will see the beauties of Istanbul. You can countine the day with Dolmabahçe Palace Tour. You will not get enthralled with its magnificent structure and spectacular views. You can learn the history of Dolmabahçe Palace with your tour guide. After the tour, you will take the bus across the Bosphorus Bridge and change the continent. Take the road to Çamlıca Hill and you will see Istanbul with the magnificent view from the hill. You will not be able to take photos on Çamlıca hill. Don't forget to have a coffee with the view.

At the end of the day, you should prefer Emirgan Sütiş for a delicious dinner. You can enjoy the delightful food and try fresh milk desserts with the view.