Turkish cuisine, which is fusion cuisine, has a rich menu of Turkish drinks. You should learn the unique beverage culture of Turkish cuisine and try the delicious flavors that stay on your palate. Now let’s take a look at these Turkish drinks together!

Friendly Hot Beverage for Cold Days

Turkish Tea

Turkish tea, which has a very different taste, is indispensable for breakfast. It is one of the essential Turkish drinks. This indispensable flavor has become a symbol in Istanbul with simit. Tea is consumed both during mealtimes and with meals in Turkey. Tea, which takes the day’s tiredness, is also an indicator of hospitality and friendship. Wherever you go, you can enjoy Turkish tea in a fine glass. Enjoy your meal!

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee, which differs from other Turkish coffees with its cooking technique and brewing technique, emerged into the Turkish culinary scene in 1551. Turkish coffee is also placed at the center of the palace kitchen. It attracts the guests’ attention with its presentation style, is presented ceremonially, and is one of the most loved Turkish drinks of all. 

Roasted beans of Turkish coffee are cooked in a copper cezve until foamy. After Turkish coffee is boiled, it is taken into cups; water and Turkish delight are added to it and given to the guests. Turkish coffee relaxes the stomach after a heavy meal and gives people lightness. It is a special drink that you will not forget to try when you come to Istanbul.


Would you like to meet with an incredible taste that will warm you up during the winter months? Sahlep, one of the rare flavors of Turkish gastronomy, is among the top flavors that should be tried. It is served with cinnamon sprinkled on top in wide-mouthed cups that keep the heat long. It also has many health benefits. It will be invaluable to drink salep while watching the city while navigating the cool waters of the Bosphorus on the City Lines Ferry.

Savior of Summer Months: Cold Turkish Drinks


Spreading from Turkey to other countries, ayran is an indispensable accompaniment to dishes. Ayran, prepared with yogurt, water, and salt, is prepared on churn or now in special machines. It is essential to foam the ayran thoroughly. You can also find ayran open or closed everywhere in Turkey. It is the main actor next to meals with its feature of relieving digestion and being probiotic. Especially if you want to cool off in the summer heat, a glass of ayran will be good for you.


Although it is consumed cold, boza is consumed in autumn and winter. Boza, one of the traditional Turkish drinks, used to be sold on the streets in large copper jars.! A whole generation listened to the vendors who shouted ‘Boza!’. Today, these sellers are almost non-existent now, but they still try to keep the custom of this Turkish drink alive. Boza is still sold everywhere and consumed quite a lot. Be sure to try the boza, which seems hard to drink but is an indispensable taste. Don’t forget to add some cinnamon and yellow chickpeas to it.


Kefir, a natural antibiotic, contains probiotics beneficial for health. Kefir, which helps immunity and digestion, also helps strengthen bones. Kefir is generally recommended for children and the elderly. Kefir is a beverage that can be consumed almost every day when loved, is among the Turkish drinks that are interesting to tourists. For those who do not like plain kefir, we can say they are available in fruity kefir.


The juice obtained by combining the red beet and black carrot duo like pickles is consumed cold. Turnip, which has two types as spicy and non-spicy, is consumed primarily in kebab restaurants and is definitely offered to foreign tourists. Turnip, which tastes both sour and salty at the same time, is one of the very original flavors among our traditional beverages.

Ottoman Sherbets from Past to Present

Ottoman sherbets, which have a well-deserved reputation around the world with their attractive colors and good taste, stand out with their naturalness in today’s Turkish culinary culture. These delicious and healthy Turkish drinks are made from fruit, spice, and flower extracts. It is seen as a healing drink and is used as a medicine for diseases and a cure for troubles.

Rose Sorbet

Rose Sherbet, one of the particular tastes of the Ottoman Empire, is a sherbet made without cooking, and it is a very simple sherbet to make. In ancient times, it was consumed both to refresh and to smell good to the body or dater. Sorbet varieties are made from many plants and fruits, especially roses. Lemon juice and drinking water are added to the rose petals, rubbed with sugar or honey, covered tightly, and kept in the refrigerator overnight. This delicious flavor option can be tried. It is one of the Turkish drinks that is generally preferred during Ramadan.

Hibiscus Sorbet

Hot water, cinnamon, and cloves are put in a pot and boiled for five minutes, then the cinnamon is taken out, and the bottom of the pot is closed. Dried hibiscus flowers, lemon salt, and sugar are added and left for twenty minutes, and drunk after cooling.

Frequently Asked Question

What to drink in Istanbul?
In Istanbul, you will find many drink shops like coffee shops, doner shops and bars. You can drink anything you want.
What is Turkey’s official drink?
Turkey’s official drink is Ayran, a salted drink made from Turkish yogurt.
What is Turkey’s national drink?
Turkey’s national drink is Ayran which is usually consumed with food like kebab or doner.
Does raki contain alcohol?
Yes, raki is an alcoholic drink.