Grey Food & Drink:

Gre- Food-Drink:

A place where creative design and fantastic food meets, alongside with its perfect location is a place to stop by and have some nice drinks with friends, oh and did I mention that even some celebrities stop by to also have a nice relaxing time? The interior design of the restaurant feels more elegant with its marble mosaics, bright lights and mirrors, and the garden, oh the garden is an ideal meeting spot where gaze at passersby while you enjoying your drink. The menu offers you a selection of international food with a focus on the Italian Cuisine, you will find a wide variation of pastas, pizzas, and salads. The risottos especially worth the try, with its perfect creamy risotto ai funghi porcini, the restaurant is as good with the Turkish breakfast as dinner you will find something you love, you won’t regret sitting in this wonderful atmosphere and enjoy a couple drinks.

As long as you are visiting Nişantaşı do not forget to try one of the best bar in Nişantaşı  Frankie .. it is highly recommended.

Enjoy A Delightful Evening Milano Gourmet:

An amazing restaurant that offers you an Italian cuisine with a great service and the highest level of food service based in Nişantaşı, the heart of Istanbul’s fashion and shopping world, an ideal place for business oriented lunches or dinners, and to have a night full of pleasure and joy, apart from their amazing wine and collection of bar, during the evening you can try different tastes of cocktails prepared by an experienced mixologists at the bar, on five evenings of the week it is possible for you to spend pleasant hours in the bar with DJ’s.

The gourmet offers you the chance to live an Italian experience without having to go to Italy to enjoy quality cuisine and beverages, the place provides you with a high quality special products such as, smoked cheese, chocolate, and cookies from European countries, especially Italy.

Besides from evening and nightlife, the place is as amazing for having a nice brunch with your friends alongside good quality of food and enough products to start your day with a special treat.

The lights and the music gives you a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy, and the staff are very friendly and pleasant, and the wine quality that they offer is rich and good in addition to the outdoor dining.

Raphael Nişantaşi:

though you can also enjoy your morning there by visiting the perfect coffee bar of the area which offers the best coffee beside a very delicious cakes Gravit but With Raphael’s astonishing architecture consisting of glass on three sides and ceiling, Raphael also brings the atmosphere of the street to the interior, so you can take advantage of the wide pavements of Nişantaşı, and you can have an outdoor seating and have a fresh air of this lovely street of Nişantaşı , hidden behind the narrow and long lattices on the walls, dim lighting creates a serene atmosphere inside. You don’t come across elements of contemporary decorating trends that will remind you of which year you are. This timeless atmosphere allows Raphael to have a classic elegance and plays a role in the multi-identity of the space. Raphael is able to provide both the domestic comfort of your home lounge and the professional needs of meetings where the most serious issues are discussed. Not to mention the flavors that attracts the tourists’ attention in the menu. With their wide range of beverages you can enjoy a day or night experience with good quality of menu that you can’t resist taking a bite with your beverage.

Room And Rumours:

A modern designed bar where you can have an enjoyable evening with your acquaintances, the amazing atmosphere this place offers you is fascinating to try, great ambiance, trendy and fun, their signature cocktail is gin-based Beetlejuice with it’s a must try beverage, the mix of this beverage is just next level. Alongside their menu which has a wide variations of food services offered to you with a happy smile, the place consists of low lights atmosphere during the evening and sometimes live music to get your mood straight up!

And if you want to live the unlimited enjoyable time in a bar that present a live music , Jazz music you must visit Divine Brasserie for more relaxation as well.

Nişantaşı is the avenue of dreams, you can have many options to do and try whether it is fashion or shopping or even a joyful seating in bar or café, the place offers you a great experience in Istanbul to live.