A city that is the heart of the country, Istanbul! Istanbul, which has become the pearl of turkey with its 18 million population and unique natural and cultural features, has also taken the title of the most populous city in the country. Despite the many roads and local transportation systems or vehicles in the city, the traffic problem in the city has not been resolved. Thanks to its location, Istanbul has a famous and important place not only in Turkey but also around the world. Istanbul is the only city that connects two different continents.  This city, which acts as a link between both the European and Asian continents, is one of the most developed cities in terms of sea and land routes. In order to prevent the traffic and road problems caused by the crowdedness of the city, more than one transportation method has been developed in and out of the city. in addition to urban traffic, three different bridges used for intercontinental transit offer passengers the opportunity to cross between continents. 

Information about the Ferry Services

Would you like to travel by public transport while enjoying an unforgettable view in Istanbul? Transportation in Istanbul makes this possible for its visitors and residents. Ferry, the number one choice of those who want to leave the crowds of the city aside for a moment and enjoy the deep blue sea, takes public transportation to the next level with its various routes and frequent voyages. The Ferry, which is among the most famous features of Istanbul, is frequently used by the local residents of the city during the day, but can also be preferred by tourists as a trip. You can also enjoy the beautiful Bosphorus and find a way to escape from the noise of the city with this journey where you can easily cross between continents.

Ferry rides are one of the cheapest and most enjoyable forms of travel in the city of Istanbul so far. Public Ferries, which are made by sea transportation, are preferred to cross the Bosphorus in the city. Ferry, which is loved and preferred by both local people and tourists, is indisputably the most enjoyable of city trips. The ferry, which is like a mini Bosphorus tour for tourists, allows you to escape from the noisy city life of Istanbul in a short time and leave yourself to the blue.

Schedules and Pricing of the Ferry 

It is possible to reach many different places from a single point with Istanbul ferry services. Ferry services, which can be provided not only for crossing but also for transportation to various districts of Istanbul, depart from many points of the city at many times of the day. You can also travel between continents in a short time by determining the route you want to go. Ferries, which depart almost every half hour during the day, serve until the evening on weekends. In rare cases, canceled ferry services reduce their voyages in stormy or snowy weather. In addition, the ferry, which runs every half hour a day during the summer months, allows you to cross from various points. Due to the cheap ferry prices, it is frequently preferred by the locals. The price of a ferry trip is approximately 6 Turkish liras. The prices, which vary according to the route you want to go, are designed to get you across the cheap way. Ferry services start around 7 in the morning and continue until 9-10 in the evening.

Most Preferred Ferry Services

Kadıköy and Karaköy ferry, which is one of the most preferred ferry services in the city in Istanbul, is among the number one ferry services since it is among the busiest points of the city. Kadıköy and Karaköy, which are especially frequented by young people, are also places where city buses depart frequently. At the same time, the Kadıköy - Eminönü ferry reduces your travel time to approximately half an hour between the longest districts of the city. Eminönü, which is a district frequently visited by tourists, especially due to its touristic places and bazaars, has become one of the points that can be reached thanks to the ferry services quickly. Ferry services vary between half an hour and an hour, so it is one of the most preferred public transportation methods, especially for pedestrian passengers to cross the Bosphorus. It may take a few hours to cross during the day due to the congestion and traffic on the highway, but thanks to the ferry services, this time is reduced to almost a third. 

Ferry services, which are preferred not only to cross the Bosphorus but also to close distant points, also have a route that takes them from the heart of Istanbul to the Islands. The islands are the natural wonders of Istanbul, and they are flooded by tourists and visitors, especially on weekends. It is very difficult to reach the Islands, which are preferred by those who want to escape from the crowds of the city, but you can get there by ferry in just a few hours. During the journey, you can both enjoy the perfect view of the Bosphorus and save on traffic.

Car Ferries 

Ferry services are not only for pedestrians. Any citizen with a small vehicle can use the ferry with a car. Bosphorus bridges are known to be crowded and full of traffic during the day, so ferries with cars are often preferred. Car ferries, which can accommodate up to fifty vehicles at a time, are frequently preferred both because they travel frequently and because they make it easier for citizens and tourists who own cars to cross the sea. 

If you are going to prefer a ferry with a car, you should know that you have to pay extra money during the boarding of the vehicle. At the same time, it is forbidden to ferry vehicles such as minibusses, buses, trucks, and tractors. Only family and personal vehicles can tour the ferry.

Frequently Asked Question

Are there ferries in Istanbul?
Yes, Istanbul citizens use ferries regularly to travel to their works and schools.
How to use the ferry in Istanbul?
You can use the ferry with an Istanbulkart, just like other public transport means.
Can cars get onto ferries in Istanbul?
Yes, you can get onto the ferry in your car. You do not have to be a pedestrian.
Where are the ferries in Istanbul?
You can find ferries on Kadikoy and Karakoy.