Other than the fishes we will talk about that is endemic to Turkey, you can also find:

  • Mussel
  • Oysters
  • Lobster
  • Clam
  • Crab
  • Sea Crayfish
  • Langust
  • Octopus
  • Squid
  • Fishes

Each Cooking Style Gives a Different Taste

It is possible to cook both fish and seafood differently. This can change the taste. For example, mussels, and shellfish, can be prepared as stuffed, stewed, pan-fried, or boiled. It can be preferred by adding salt, pepper, lemon, or plain according to taste. It is usually consumed with salads with plenty of greens. Some kinds of seafood themselves can be used as salads. For example, lobster is among the seafood that can be put both in salad and soup.

Oil Content of Fishes Vary From Region to Region

Turkey has four seas. These seas are the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Marmara, and the Mediterranean. Since the salt content of each sea is different, the type and sweetness of the fish vary. Even the same fish species have different oil levels when removed from different waters. For example, Black Sea anchovy is oilier than Marmara anchovy.

Seafood living in warmer waters is seen in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Fish that like cold waters can be found in the Black Sea and Marmara. Similarly, Aegean fish are known to be saltier than Black Sea fish.

The most common fish in restaurants in Istanbul are listed as follows:


• They approach the shore between November and March.

• It is known as the fish of the winter months.

• It is extracted from the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.

• It is cooked in an oven, steaming and grilling methods.

• In addition, its pan, rice, soup, meatballs, and even desserts are made with it.


They get different names according to their height.

• 16-22 cm: Chestnut Acorn

• 22-28 cm: Gypsy Acorn

• 40 cm: Dungeon

• 45 cm: Pointed Acorn

• 55 cm: Altifinger

• 65 cm+: Pichuta

It is found in the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.

Horse Mackerel

• It can be hunted almost every month of the year in Marmara.

• It is a small fish. It is delicious when fried on a pan.

• It is consumed in the autumn season.


It is seen on Marmara and Aegean coasts.

They are named according to their length;

• 10-18 cm: Cinakop

• 18-25 cm: Yellowfin

• 25-35 cm: Bluefish

• 35-50 cm: Kofana

• 50 cm+: Back-to-back


• It is generally seen in the summer months.

• It is defined as one of the most valuable fish.

• It is rare because it is one of the flatfish living in the sand.

Sea Bream

• Usually like warm seas.

• For this reason, it is mostly caught around the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas in our country.

• It is most delicious in January, February, and March.


• It is found in all seas of Turkey.

• It is one of the fish with the highest phosphorus content.

Sea Bass

• It is found more in Marmara and Aegean.

• It is said that the most delicious sea bass weighs 2 kilograms.

Red Mullet

• It is caught in April-May.

• It is one of the most delicious fish of Marmara.

• The most delicious month is known as April.


• It is one of the most consumed fish species in our country.

• It grows in Marmara and the Black Sea.

• Available and can be consumed all year round.

• It is the most delicious period between February and April.

Best Fish Restaurants in Istanbul

Istanbul has a beautiful view and restaurants where you can eat delicious fish. There are some fish and seafood restaurants in Istanbul where you can also eat traditional food. Food and drink culture has developed in the city.

The following districts of Istanbul can offer you a pleasant time;

  • Bebek

  • Arnavutköy

  • Rumeli Hisarı

  • Kuzguncuk

  • Tarabya

  • Kadıköy

  • Karaköy

  • Cankurtaran

  • Balat

  • Kireç Burnu

  • Eminönü

  • Garipçe Köyü

Especially in the Eminönü region, there is a ship called the Historical Eminönü Fish sandwich. In addition, many food shops with excellent views greet you under the bridge. We recommend you see Spice Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, and Büyük Valide Han in this region. It is a region with many mosques that you can visit as a tourist. It is also close to the touristic areas of Sultanahmet and Gulhane.

Eating at the Right Time is Important

In addition, each seafood has an eating time frame. Eating it at certain times increases the flavor as it matures better. Not consuming certain foods at the right time can cause illness. For example, oysters can cause poisoning when consumed in summer.
Some of the food and drink can be harmful to health when consumed with each other. It is dangerous to consume yogurt or ayran, especially with fish not kept fresh. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the fish you eat is fresh.

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I buy seafood in Istanbul?
If you are looking for seafood in Istanbul, you can try coastal regions like the Bosphorus strait.
Do Turkish people eat seafood?
Yes, many Turkish cuisine foods include seafood.
What seafood do Turkish people eat?
Fish and mussels are the most famous seafoods that Turkish people eat.
What fish can be found in Turkey?
The most famous fish of Turkey is hamsi, but there are tens of more kinds of fish you can find in the country.
Are fish important in Turkish cuisine?
Yes, especially in Mediterranean cuisine, seafood has an important spot.