Must Try in Turkey: Desserts

Everybody loves desserts. Pudding, cake, ice cream, tiramisu… But Turkish desserts are different. They are often naturally sweet and creatively spiced. You will love them.

Here are the top Turkish desserts…


The most known Turkish dessert is, of course, baklava (sweet pastry). Layers of phyllo dough and chopped nuts are sweetened with syrup or honey, then cut into individual servings.


Künefe is a kind of sweet pastry and it has got cheese in it. You should have Künefe, when it’s still hot.


This dessert is like doughnut with syrup. The difference is; lokma is fried dough.They are flavored with honey, sugar syrup, or cinnamon.

Ekmek Kadayıfı

Ekmek Kadayıfı is a version of bread pudding that served with kaymak (a type of milk cream). This dessert is one of the sweetest desserts of Turkish culture.


Helva or halva is a dense dessert. Halva means sweet. There is a flour-based version that is more gelatinous, whereas the nut, butter, and sugar-based version crumble more easily.


Aşure is mostly cooked in houses at a certain time of the year known as Aşure month (according to the Islamic Calendar) and shared with relatives and neighbors. You can find it in restaurants easily too. It contains wheat, rice, beans, chickpeas, sugar, dried fruits, and nuts.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Turkey’s culture food?
Turkey’s culture dessert is baklava and lokum.
Does Turkey have any desserts?
Yes, Turkey has many deserts that range from serbetli to milky desserts.
How do you store lokum?
You can store your lokum by keeping it away from sunlight in a dry, cold place.
Is lokum vegan?
Lokum is mostly vegan as it is made with cornstarch rather than gelatine.
What flavors Turkish delight?
Turkish delight comes in many flavors such as rosewater, chocolate, lemon or gum.