Karaköy Güllüoğlu:


Karaköy Güllüoğlu is one of the best places that serve the best baklava in Istanbul and Turkey. It is located in Karaköy nearby Galata in the heart of the European side of Istanbul which makes it easy to access. Their motto is “One Store, Unique Quality”, as it is, they have only one branch to assure the customer to get the perfect unchanging taste of quality and service. It has been there since 1820 which makes it really attractive to go to. They have shipping all Istanbul by courier, delivering anywhere in Turkey via cargo, shipping to anywhere in the world and even you can gift it when you head home with special packaging and your notes! Pretty amazing really. They serve an amazing Baklava with Pistachio; they use the best quality pistachio in Turkey which they get from Gaziantep. They have amazing tasty baklava with walnuts, and the best Wrap with Pistachio. Wrap with Pistachio is the most unique dessert you may find in Turkey, it is a wrap made with a dressing layer of pistachio, a real heaven in the mouth.


A beautiful delicate place which has two branches in Istanbul, one in Florya and the other one is in Beşiktaş, both in the European side. It has an amazing view on the Bosphorus in Beşiktaş. The place itself is designed based on the white wealthy color, the word “Beyaz” means white in English. A beautiful design and an amazing view combined with very great baklava kinds. It is a must to mention that it has a separated Kaşıbeyaz branches to serve amazing meat dishes as well. This to me is so worth to visit and try.

Hafiz Mustafa 1864:

It is one of the most famous baklava shops in Istanbul. It started back in 1864. It is located in Eminönü on the way to Sirkici near by the Tram way. They have different kinds of products too, beside baklava kinds they have Turkish puddings, Turkish Delights “Lokum”, and drinks. They have different shapes of baklavas filled with pistachio, walnuts, almonds and even chocolate. Their pistachio wraps are quite amusing too. Personally I recommend you to grab a plate of pistachio baklava with a piece of pistachio wrap and a cup of Turkish coffee before leaving the area.


What if you are in the Anatolian side? We got your back out there too! Fıstıkzade is an excellent baklava shop in the Anatolian side. It has two branches, Ataşehir & Acıbadem. They have many categories, baklava kinds, pistachio, drinks, cookies “kurabiye” and Turkish Delights “Lokum”. The baklava itself has around 10 kinds from the pistachio baklava, walnut baklava and more! You can customize a heart shaped box filled with pistachios, pistachio butter and baklava kinds to make a very high value gift to take from Turkey.

Baklava will be a very good memory to remain in mind afterwards beside being a very good quality gift to bring back home.