History of Turkish Coffee

Coffee was first introduced to Istanbul in 1555. By the 17th century, it has become a crucial part of Ottoman Culture. After a while, preparing coffee became a part of the marriage rituals. Women who were about to marry were to prepare Turkish coffee for their potential husbands and families. They would judge the women based on their coffee-making skills. Even though women are not judged and picked by their skills in making Turkish coffee, serving Turkish coffee to their potential family-in-law has been an essential part of the culture. So, women still prepare Turkish coffee during their marriage customs today. 

Benefits of Drinking Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is stronger than most coffee types. It also has some beneficial effects on human health. Here are some reasons to consume Turkish coffee:

  • Since Turkish coffee contains high amounts of caffeine, it helps athletes to improve their performances. 

  • It boosts mental and physical performance.

  • Since it is unfiltered, Turkish coffee does not lose its beneficial compounds, such as chlorogenic acid, like other coffees. 

  • Consuming Turkish coffee improves inflammation, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

  • Drinking Turkish coffee is known to protect your brain against neurological diseases. 

  • Consuming Turkish coffee reduces the risk of you having a stroke or Parkinson’s disease.

Best Places to Buy or Drink Turkish Coffee in Istanbul

The most famous brand in Turkey for Turkish coffee is Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. You could find the products of this brand in supermarkets, Spice Bazaar, and almost everywhere. It is very popular and delicious. If you visit the Spice Bazaar in Eminönü, you could buy freshly ground Turkish coffee. Basically, most places in Eminönü will welcome you with different but incredibly delicious Turkish coffees. Aside from the Spice Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar is also one of the places you could buy freshly ground traditional Turkish coffee in Istanbul.

Turkish coffee is not just a beverage. It is a practice that brings people together and allows different groups to socialize. When Turkish coffee was first starting to become popular, coffeehouses opened and people socialized incredibly. This practice also allowed people to share their social values, literary works, and artistic points of view with each other. Coffee places have never been places just to drink coffee for the Turkish community. They symbolize a whole culture and history. For instance, there is the culture of fortune-telling by looking at the remains of the Turkish coffee that has been drunk. It is yet another way to socialize among Turkish people. Turkish coffee symbolizes friendship, hospitality, and entertainment. If you visit Istanbul, you should definitely try Turkish coffee. If you want a more authentic experience, you should visit certain places like Spice Bazaar or Grand Bazaar and coffeehouses around Eminönü to drink it. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Turkish coffee stronger than regular coffee?
-Yes, Turkish coffee is stronger than regular coffee. It contains more caffeine.
Is Turkish coffee similar to espresso?
-Turkish coffee is actually stronger than espresso.
Do you drink the sludge in Turkish coffee?
-No, you do not drink the sludge in Turkish coffee, as it will leave you with a muddy feeling in your mouth. After you drink the liquid part of the Turkish coffee, you could drink the water that is served along with it and leave the sludge.
Why is Turkish coffee so bitter?
-The bitterness of Turkish coffee is due to the special brewing techniques used to make the coffee.
Where are the best places to drink Turkish coffee in Istanbul?
-Eminönü and Taksim are generally are filled with authentic and historical coffee places that serve amazing Turkish coffee.