Pepo Café and Restaurant

Located in Beyoğlu Karaköy, one of Istanbul's best places to visit, Pepo Cafe and Restaurant is one of the cafes preferred by local and foreign tourists in Istanbul. Its authentic atmosphere, various delicious food and drink options from world cuisine, and beautiful music that aligns with the atmosphere make Pepo Cafe and Restaurant an attractive place. Pepo Cafe and Restaurant, which you can easily reach by public transport, is one of the best cafes and brasseries to visit in Istanbul.

Shishly Cafe & Bistro

Shishly Cafe & Bistro, located in the center of Istanbul's Şişli district, which you can easily reach by public transportation, is one of the best cafes and bakeries to visit. Thanks to its beautiful decoration, the menu includes delicious food and drinks suitable for every palate, an open garden for those who want to dine outdoors, and large tables for you to sit together with your crowd group of friends. It is a cafe that those who want to enjoy delicious food and drinks and chat with their friends in a quiet and cozy environment can be preferred.

Café and Brasseries with a Long History

The Historical Çınaraltı Cafe 

The historical Çınaraltı cafe invites you to feed the seagulls with bagels, enjoy the perfect Bosphorus view of Üsküdar, breathe in the fresh Bosphorus air, and choose from the rich food and beverage menu: Including traditional Turkish breakfast, menemen, toast, sandwiches, snacks, and fish sandwich, Istanbul's famous street food. You can choose the Historical Çınaraltı cafe to have a wonderful experience with the purring cats wandering under your feet, the seagulls waiting for you to feed them, the Bosphorus Bridge view, and the hypnotic sound of the waves. The Historical Çınaraltı cafe, which you can easily reach by public transportation such as ferry and bus, is one of the best places you should visit in Istanbul.

Emirgan Sütiş

Mevlüt Kocadağ, the grandson of Hacı Mehmet Ağa, a famous cake and pastry in Batumi Georgia, and the son-in-law of Sütçü Ahmet, a famous pudding cook, founded Emirgan Sütiş in 1953 in Istanbul Nişantaşı. Emirgan Sütiş, which is still one of the places preferred by pudding and dessert lovers, gets its reputation from its milky and chocolate desserts made with centuries-old recipes and organic milk produced on Sütiş farms. Emirgan Sütiş, sells natural cheese, olives, and honey produced in its farms, in addition to the desserts it offers in its cafes. Emirgan Sütiş continues to provide a sweet feast to its customers with its branches in many districts of Istanbul and countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Emirgan Sütiş is one of Istanbul's best places to visit that you should add to your famous cafe and brasseries list.

Ceviz Ağacı Café

Ceviz Ağacı cafe is in Kadıköy, which is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul with shops, restaurants, and patisseries where you can spend quality time with your friends. You can easily reach Ceviz Ağazı cafe by using public vehicles. The Ceviz Ağacı cafes' comfortable atmosphere, a menu containing delicious food and drinks, and friendly staff attract the appreciation of local and foreign tourists. Ceviz Ağacı Cafe is constantly changing and developing in line with the tastes and suggestions of its customers. Its rich food and drink menu includes traditional Turkish breakfast, menemen, kuymak, an appetizer for breakfast from the Black Sea region, and tasty food and drinks from world cuisine, including profiteroles, cakes, hamburgers, croissants. You will spend pleasant hours with your friends in this case with its warm atmosphere and delicious menu.

Albura Kathisma Cafe 

Albura Kathisma cafe and restaurant, located in Sultanahmet, one of the touristic districts of Istanbul, where the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Arasta Bazaar are located, is the last member of our list of cafes and brasseries that you should visit. It's rich food and drink menu that combines the flavors of the modern world and Turkish cuisine, making use of traditional Ottoman and Byzantine cooking arts, indoor and outdoor space, and terrace where you can dine in, and the garden leading to the ruins of the Byzantine Magnaura Palace makes it a widely preferred cafe by local and foreign tourists who want to combine historical sightseeing and dining.

Frequently Asked Question

Does cafes and brasseries in Istanbul offer takeaways?
Yes. In many cafes in Istanbul, there is a takeaway option.
Are there vegetarian options in cafes and brasseries in Istanbul?
Yes. Many cafes and brasseries in Istanbul offer coffees made with soy or almond milk and vegetarian dishes. In Istanbul, there is also a growing number of vegan/vegetarian cafes.
What is the best place to go to a cafe in Istanbul?
Kadikoy, Taksim, Besiktas, Etiler etc.
Is Turkish coffee healthy?
Yes. Turkish coffee is very beneficial for the digestive and immune systems.
What can I have in a cafe in Istanbul?
-You can enjoy a good cup of Turkish coffee, a meal, or even a dessert.