Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul. Located in Eyüp, one of the most eye-catching districts of Istanbul, the hill is named after a French writer, Julien Viaud. The writer settled in Istanbul in 1876 and used to come to a coffee house and write his novels here. Later, he changed his name, and this hill then began to be called after him.

This place will fascinate you with its romantic and unique atmosphere. In addition to the scenery, there are restaurants which you can find delicious dishes. If you wish, you can drink your coffee and smoke your hookah after the meal while watching the view. Pierre Loti is one of the most captivating tourist attractions in Istanbul. It is also one of the best places to visit if you want to see a fabulous Golden Horn view and historical places. You can also get details on the Istanbul travel guide from the Istanbul Tourist Pass website to learn more about other attractions in Pierre Loti.

about-pierre-lotiWho Is Pierre Loti?

Louis Marie Julien Viaud, a.k.a. Pierre Loti, born in Rochefort, France, was a naval officer and a well-known writer. He lived in Eyüp when he was in Istanbul and had always described himself as a Turcophile.

Pierre Loti, who had been to Istanbul many times, came to Istanbul for the first time in 1876 as a commissioned officer on a French ship. Loti was influenced by the Ottoman lifestyle and mentioned this in many of his works. Here, he met the woman who gave her name to his novel Aziyadé. He wrote Aziyadé in a coffee house called “Rabia Kadın Kahvesi” in Pier Loti. You can learn more information about him and the tourist attractions of the hill from the Istanbul travel guide of Istanbul Tourist Pass. 

History Of Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti always defended the Turks against Europe in the Balkan Wars, the First World War, and the later invasion of Anatolia. He won the sympathy of the Turkish people by supporting the resistance in Anatolia during the National Struggle and harshly criticizing his own country.

So much so that, on October 4, 1921, the Turkish Grand National Assembly sent a letter to Pierre Loti expressing his gratitude. In addition, he was accepted as an "Honorary Citizen of the City of Istanbul" in 1920. Later, a coffee house in Eyüp was called "Pierre Loti coffee house." Today, the hill where this coffeehouse sits upon is also known as Pierre Loti Hill. You can discover Eyüp and Pierre Loti, among the best places to visit in Istanbul, with an Istanbul travel guide and Istanbul Tourist Pass. 

What Are The Other Historical places In Pierre Loti?

Pierre Loti has different tourist attractions such as İdris-i Bitlisi Sıbyan Mektebi, Fountain of Rayet Keşan Kalfa, The Sepulcher of Mevlevi Iskender Dede, and The Wishing Well. The first place is an educational institution of the Ottoman Empire which was established in all cities and towns. The institute’s name came from an important Ottoman historian İdris-i Bitlisi who was a military judge in the period of Yavuz Sultan Selim. The Fountain of Rayet Keşan Kalfa dates back to 1868. Its name came from one of the bondwomen of Sultan Abdulaziz because she rebuilt it. 

The Sepulcher was the tomb of a Mevlevi named İskender Dede, who died in 1589. There are two wells in front of the tomb of İskender Dede, which was once located in this garden, adorned with great plane trees and cypress trees. One of them is the famous wishing well. After visiting these historical tourist attractions, you can sit in Pierre Loti's coffee house and enjoy the Golden Horn. You can visit those places with an Istanbul travel guide via Istanbul Tourist Pass. These are among the best places to visit in Istanbul

Frequently Asked Question

How to reach Pierre Loti?
First, you should come to Eyüp with local bus, metrobus or boats from Üsküdar to Eyüp. After you arrive at Eyüp, you can follow the signs for Pierre Loti. You can reach the top with the cable car, which is near Eyüp Sultan Mosque. You can also check the other tourist attractions around Eyüp from Istanbul Tourist Pass. If you wish, you can organize a trip with an Istanbul travel guide.
Do I have to pay extra money for these historical places?
No, of course not! You only pay for the transportation and restaurants. If you have The Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can also benefit from discounts where the card is valid in tourist attractions which are the best places to visit in Istanbul. Therefore, you can enjoy the Golden Horn by paying a tiny amount.
When and what time should I come to Pierre Loti?
You can come to the hill in any season. Still, it may get a bit hot in the summer. We do not recommend that you come at noon. In winter it gets very cold so you can avoid this by arriving a little earlier. The ideal seasons are spring and autumn. If possible, sit down and have a coffee at the Pier Loti coffee house as the sun goes down. You can find other tourist attractions in Istanbul Tourist Pass according to the weather.
How can I organize another trip?
You can check the Istanbul Tourist Pass website; if you have not seen Hagia Sophia before, you can glance at the travel writing. This place is also one of the best places to visit in Istanbul. You can organize a tour with an Istanbul travel guide.
How can I find an Istanbul travel guide for my trips?
You can find the Istanbul travel guide from the Istanbul Tourist Pass website. Therefore, you can discover the best places to visit in Istanbul because there are many tourist attractions in this fascinating city.