Gourmet and Luxury Places of Istanbul

Lokanta 1741

Combination of history and culture with unique flavors in Fatih. 1741 Lokanta takes all its guests on an enticing traditional journey by adding flavor to the magical atmosphere of Cağaloğlu Hamam, dating back to 300 years of history and culture. Every flavor that comes out of the skillful hands of the experienced chefs of 1741 brings a different texture, a different region, and a different taste to Turkish cuisine. In the dinner menu of Lokanta 1741, which also offers lunch service, exceptional tastes decorated with the contemporary touches of 1741 await you, and appetizers and olive oil dishes unique to traditional Turkish cuisine. 


Existing since the First World War in Fatih. Pandeli, included in all domestic and foreign tourist guides and on the lines of travelers, adds the title of Turkey’s first tourism-certified restaurant to its deserved reputation. Since the restaurant on Yağcılar Pier was demolished during urban planning in 1958, Pandeli Restaurant at the entrance of the Spice Bazaar has been the sole representative of the tradition in Eminönü since then. 

Pandeli Restaurant has hosted essential people such as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Queen Elizabeth II, Audrey Hepburn, and Juan Carlos until today, making you feel the spirit of old Istanbul as soon as you enter and deepening this feeling with its menu. It is one of the best luxury places you can visit in Istanbul.

The Steeve by Ismet Saz

Mixed flavors from the world and Turkish cuisine in Beşiktaş. When you see the menu led by the famous chef İsmet Saz, it is a place where you can taste the right flavor for yourself, whatever your taste. So before you start everything, we recommend you to drink Kars Gruyere Onion Soup, then sip your preferred beverage with Artichoke and Spinach Dipped Tortilla. In addition, the waiters are doing their best to guide you with excellent service, speed, and everything to have a great night. 

Laledan Restaurant in Çırağan Palace Kempiski 

The place that has witnessed history from the 17th century to the present, in Beşiktaş. Laledan Restaurant, which will add joy to your day with its unique view and peaceful atmosphere, has rich and healthy products. You will have a fantastic experience with rich breakfast dishes ranging from gluten-free and lactose-free flavors to a vast salad buffet, from fresh delicatessen products to carefully selected cheeses. You are invited to experience the pleasure of a fantastic buffet breakfast at Laledan Restaurant, which has a magnificent location with its historical gate and Bosphorus view. Also, It is one of the leading gourmet places in Istanbul.

Matbah Ottoman Palace Cuisine

Luxury place in a former 19th-century hospital building with stylish rooms and suites and a restaurant in Fatih. Welcome to Istanbul’s most beautiful luxury places and dining experience, providing you with a selection of unique dishes once served at the Ottoman Palaces. This gourmet place is located in the heart of the old city in Istanbul and surrounded by all the prominent historical and cultural sights, “Matbah” presents the one-time traditional flavors of the royal Ottoman cuisine in the ease of a colorful ambiance, the Ottoman grandeur, and Turkish hospitality.

Mikla in the Marmara Pera Hotel

A contemporary “Istanbulian” restaurant with a Michelin Star, in Beyoglu. With the “New Anatolian Cuisine” concept created in August 2012, Mikla added another plus to its mission of quality food and succeeded in raising the pioneering bar it holds on the local and international platforms. In Mikla, which defends the belief that every material used reflects the traditions of that land and people at its core, “usually modest” but “noble” materials carefully selected from every corner of Anatolia are interpreted with great respect.

St. Regis Brasserie

The chic and decent atmosphere as well as gastronomic excellence approach: in Nişantaşı. St. Regis Brasserie, under the management of award-winning chef Mehmet Faruk Yardimci, and its unique flavors blending Turkish and World cuisines, as well as world-famous St. Regis, invites its guests to a gastronomic adventure in the heart of Nişantaşı, accompanied by rituals. Enjoy seasonal menus prepared with creative touches from the freshest produce.


You will find a piece of your life in each of the flavors in Karakoy. The Neolokal team aims to design honest food inspired by mother earth, take an example from its traditions, and present it to its guests. While doing this, it examines traditional recipes in fine detail. Then, it blends them with products on the verge of extinction because they are not consumed. Chief of the young and curious team, Makkut Aşkar, says, “If we don’t take care of it, the next generation will have nothing left.” It creates a refined and new perception by combining local cuisine with modern techniques and an innovative perspective. 

Safran Restaurant

Delicious and authentic food meets magnificent views in Beyoglu. Safran Restaurant, recognized internationally with the ‘Academie Internationale de la Gastronomie award, offers the best Turkish and Ottoman cuisine examples in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. You can enjoy the live episode between 19:00-22:00 while enhancing the taste of this unique cuisine on its terrace with a magnificent view overlooking the Bosphorus, palaces, and mosques.

34 Restaurant in Grand Hyatt İstanbul

A relaxing atmosphere in Şişli. Serving a wide range of cuisines, 34 Restaurants offer tastes from regional and Mediterranean cuisine. Guests can join the chef’s table or enjoy marinated grilled or slow-cooked delicacies at Smoke House. In addition, the Deli & Cheese room offers more than 30 types of cheese, charcuterie, and appetizers. Delicious pastries and desserts are served at the Patisserie, and guests can enjoy freshly baked goods.

Calipso Fish

One of the best fish restaurants in Maltepe in Istanbul. With its rich menu, quality service, and location in the heart of the city, in the greenery of the Bostancı-Küçükyalı beach, Calypso Fish offers the great tastes of the Aegean. This place is awarded the “Oscars of Gastronomy,” which offers delicious seafood. Since all the appetizers are delicious, we recommend trying them all in small quantities.

Frequently Asked Question

Where do celebrities eat in Istanbul?
Beymen Brassiere, Lucca, Nusr-Et, and Dragon Restaurant are a few of the places where celebrities go.
What does fine dining mean?
When opposed to a casual eating experience, fine dining refers to a restaurant experience that is of better quality and formality.
What is traditional Turkish breakfast?
Black and green olives, cucumbers, cured meats, eggs, fresh cheeses, fresh tomatoes, fresh-baked bread, honey, pastries, and cream are all common ingredients in a traditional Turkish breakfast.
Is Turkish food healthy?
Turkish cuisine is naturally healthful and seasonal, with many recipes based on the abundance of fresh ingredients available.
What is Turkey’s national alcoholic beverage?