Nar Restaurant offers the best examples of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine in a concept style. Nar Restaurant is located in Nuruosmaniye. All products used in meals come from the company Nar Gourmet. These products include organic chili peppers, thyme, genuine pomegranate sour, olive oil. 

Before dinner, freshly baked pita bread, pickles and olive oil are served. You can make delicious starters with a wide variety of olive oil menu and sour Anatolian soup. You can continue to eat ‘küşleme’, you can taste the flavor.

If you want to spend an active day in Istanbul, you can start the day with the Topkapi Palace TourTopkapi Palace reflects the Ottoman period. It has the distinction of being the place where a state lives with its wide internal structure and different architecture. You can examine the various collections inside and get an idea about them.

If you want to end the day with a delicious meal, you should stop by Nar Restaurant and try the old flavors that are forgotten. Don't forget to drink a delicious Turkish Coffee at the end of the meal. Get ready to enjoy a taste feast with a friendly service team and talented chefs.