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Topkapı Palace: Skip the Line Ticket with Guided Tour

Get skip-the-line admission with your informative guide and visit Topkapı Palace

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Duration 70 Minute

Check availability to see starting times.

Live tour guide


Pickup optional

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Topkapı Palace was the grand residence of the Ottoman Sultans and the administrative centre of the Ottoman Empire for more than 400 years. On your guided tour, skip the ticket line completely and enter directly with the tour group. You will get much more time to explore and enjoy your holiday this way! 

Your guide will tell you the history of Topkapi Palace starting right after Constantinople was conquered by Mehmet II. Mehmet II and his family lived in the Blue Pavilion (currently located inside the Istanbul Archeological Museum) until Topkapi Palace was finished. Explore the courtyards and interior, see the Justice Tower and Relics Chamber and admire the wonderful view of the Bosphorus. 

In 1 hour, you can visit the whole Topkapı Palace. You can skip the line. The pickup services are not available. There are many professional guides whose language is English. They can help you to get knowledge about Topkapı Palace. However, you should be aware of the fact that this tour does not include the Imperial Harem.

Robes, Ottoman miniatures, weapons, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts, porcelain, and other Ottoman treasures and jewelry can be found in the Topkapi Palace Museum. Visit the Palace Treasury, which houses a wonderful collection of the world's most famous and beautiful jewels, including the Topkapi Dagger. The legendary film Topkapi was based on this dagger.

You should check your timeline and you should take time off for the Topkapı Palace visit. You should see the Topkapı Palace which was the heart of the Ottoman Empire for over 400 years. And also you can browse the Religious Relics Chamber.

There are hundreds of years of intrigue and history to discover at Topkapi Palace so make sure you join one of our skip-the-line tours to find out more!


Select participants, date, and language
  • See the Palace that was the heart of the Ottoman Empire for over 400 years.
  • Browse the Religious Relics Chamber.


Entrance fees.

Professional guide with tour conducted in English.

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Know Before You Go

This tour ticket does not allow you to enter the museums alone. You need to meet with the guide at the meeting point 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.


Guided Topkapı Palace Museum Tours

Topkapı Palace is one of the oldest historical buildings in Istanbul. The palace was established for educational and administrative reasons during the Fatih Sultan Mehmet period. After the Republic of Turkey was founded, Topkapı Palace was converted into a museum for its historical and artistic values. It is actually the first museum of the Republic of Turkey. Topkapı Palace is surrounded by gardens, squares that were used as courtyards, Hagia Eirene Church, and different stores.

Topkapı Palace was built in 1465. It contains hundreds of years of history. In the palace are thousands of documents from the Ottoman period. It is basically a paradise for history lovers. You could learn so much about the culture and history of Turkey by just taking a quick tour around the Topkapı Palace. This Palace has witnessed different Sultans, different time periods, and numerous traditions that are still a part of Turkish culture. Inside the palace, you could also see the artistic characteristics that shaped the Ottoman Period. In the palace, you will find prayer rooms, libraries, and numerous other rooms that served different purposes. 

Why You Should Visit the Topkapı Palace

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, you should know that without a visit to the Topkapı Palace Museum, your trip will not be complete. You may have countless places on your mind to visit in Istanbul, but, with a visit to the Topkapı Palace Museum, you will learn so much about Istanbul and Turkish culture and history. You could book a guided Topkapı Palace Museum tour that will allow you to save a lot of time. With guided tours, you will not have to wait in long ticket lines and make the best of your limited time in Istanbul. With guided Topkapı Palace Museum tours, you will be able to visit this historical place in your time of choice and discover all its complexity without wasting time or energy.  By booking a guided Topkapı Palace Museum tour, you will meet your guide, skip the long queues, enjoy the beauty of the Topkapı Palace, and take amazing pictures to save as memory. Some tours also provide you with audio guides to allow you to discover the complex independently. 

The Istanbul Tourist Pass is another alternative for you to consider for your Istanbul trip. With the Istanbul tourist pass, everything on your trip will be covered. You will not have to be worried about airport transfers or missing out on iconic places in Istanbul.  You will have access to numerous fun and cultural activities. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, you will have access to more than 100 attractions in Istanbul, including the Topkapı Palace Museum. With this Tourist Pass, you will not have to book separate tours for each place you would like to see. 

Topkapı Palace Museum is one of the landmarks in Istanbul. It contains hundreds of years of history and culture. If you want to learn as much as you could about the Turkish culture and the history of Istanbul, you should definitely not skip on visiting the Topkapı Palace Museum. Of course, visiting Topkapı Palace in your limited time in Istanbul might be difficult. However, you could book guided Topkapı Palace Museum tours to save you a lot of time. With guided tours, you will not have to wait in ticket lines and will be guided by people who will help you to discover this historical complex as you wish.


Frequently Asked Question

What is the policy on face masks in Topkapı Palace?
-Currently, face masks are not required indoors except for public transport. However, many people still use face masks to protect themselves from any kind of health issue.
Is Topkapı Palace Museum sanitized regularly?
-Topkapı Palace Museum is sanitized regularly for visitors not to experience any kind of health problems.
What time of the year could I visit the Topkapı Palace Museum?
-You could visit the Topkapı Palace Museum all year!
Is Topkapı Palace Museum closed on Sundays?
-No, the Topkapı Palace Museum is not closed on Sundays. But it is closed on Tuesdays.
During what hours the Topkapı Palace Museum is open to visits?
-Topkapı Palace Museum opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm except on holidays.

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