Asian Cuisine in Turkey

It is challenging to define Asian cuisine and culture since the Asian continent refers to a vast area. While the adoption and love of Asian cuisine in Turkey have been taking place over the last 15 years, the demand for Asian food in a large continental country such as America began in the 1920s. Japanese and Thai cuisines have also gained renown after Chinese cuisine, the first Asian cuisine known worldwide.

In addition to trendy foods such as sushi, noodles, chicken with curry sauce, ramen, and Beijing chicken, different Asian foods have also started to be made and loved worldwide in recent years. Asian food is considered one of the healthiest foods made in the world. Most Asian foods are undercooked, and juicy foods and soups made in one pot are very popular. Considerable attention is paid to the cutting shapes of Asian foods, which are presented in the form of small portions.

Asian Culture

Asian culture is a culture that remains popular in the world and has many fans. Countries such as India, Vietnam, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Thailand, mainly China, Japan, and South Korea, are among the places that carry the Asian culture. This culture has been maintaining its diversity for centuries by diverging from the rest of the world’s cultures in religious beliefs, clothing, architecture, and food.

Popular Places in Istanbul You Can Find Asian Food

We would like to mention the places that offer the best Asian food and drinks for visitors who will visit Turkey and want to experience Asian cuisine everywhere. Although Turkish cuisine and Asian food cultures are pretty different, We can say that they are somewhat similar in terms of the ingredients used. Nevertheless, the popularization of Asian food in our country, Turkey, and breaking prejudice against Asian cuisine date back to recent years. Furthermore, Istanbul is the most populous and tourist-attracting city, so it is very rich in international cuisine. 

Asian cuisine is a kind of cuisine that remains popular. Similar ones are being tried to be made in various parts of the world. The care required by the cooking and cutting styles of Asian food is excellent, so it must be done skillfully when making it. For this reason, you should eat Asian food and drinks in the suitable styles places. If you say that you will not start any trip without Asian food, let’s look at the Asian restaurants located in Istanbul.

Noodle Box

Noddle Box is a place located in Istanbul that tries to reflect the dishes of Asian culture. The noodles found in this place are expertly made close to the original Asian food flavor. It has become an indispensable place for employees and students who live in Istanbul and need to eat quickly. If you want to taste food and drinks of different cuisines in Istanbul, it may be your first stop.


The Sopung is a popular Asian cultural venue serving Korean food and drinks in Istanbul-Karagümrük. In Sopung, you can find various types of rice cake, which is a popular Asian food, taste noodles, ramen, and gimbap types.

The Chinese Buffet (Çin Büfesi)

The Chinese Buffet (Çin Büfesi) offers you dishes from the Chinese branch of Asian food and flavors that will appeal to your taste buds. This place is located in Istanbul-Beşiktaş and Beyoğlu, where you can find delicious Asian foods such as steamed Chinese dumplings, noodles, Peking duck, various sushis, and meat dishes with vegetables.


Zuma is one of Istanbul's most popular and luxurious Asian cuisine restaurants. You can find many varieties of Asian food. It is possible to find many types of fish, Japanese rice, asparagus recipes, and Moshi from famous Japanese desserts in this place, sometimes requiring you to make a reservation before you go.


Another popular place serving Asian food in Istanbul is Itsumi. Attracting the attention of tourists coming to Istanbul, you will find a wide range of tastes in Japanese cuisine in this place. In addition, the design of the place is very relaxing, with drawings of Japanese figures on the wall. It has an atmosphere that you will not forget. You can find all kinds of sushi, ramen, noodles, and various vegetable dishes, giving a chance to the types you haven’t tried

Frequently Asked Question

What is the food like in Turkey?
As Turkey connects Europe and Asia, it has a rich cuisine, including both Asian and Mediterranean food.
What is Turkey famous for?
Turkey is mainly famous for its rich culture, as it is the bridge between Europe and Asia.
How many Asian Restaurants are there in Istanbul?
You can find more than 50 Asian restaurants in Istanbul in various districts.
What kinds of Asian food can I find in Istanbul?
From Chinese to Thai, from Japanese to Korean, there are many types of Asian food in Istanbul.
What can I eat in Asian restaurants in Istanbul?
You can eat sushi, gimbap, Asian noodles, and many more.