What Defines an Irish Pub?

Irish pubs are designed to demonstrate the simple beauty of their culture. You will not see too many decoration products on the walls. Wood is, of course, in the foreground, with flat tables, straight chairs, a cheap oak bar table, and bar shelves. Also, Irish pubs play traditional folk music. The modern music they add to these playlists is generally the works of Irish musicians.

Irish pubs serve many fine beers from their homeland in their own glasses, on keg. Kilkenny, Guinness, and Murphy's brands are among the most well-known beers. They have very few imported (Belgium, USA) beers, and bring them to your table by the bottle.

A Closer Look at the Best Irish Pubs in Istanbul

Let's have a closer look at the best Irish pubs you can spend your night time in Istanbul. They all offer great food and drinks, nightlife, and cozy experiences.

U2 Istanbul Irish Pub

It is a small but best Irish pub with its music selections, affordable prices, quality of beers, and decorations that make you feel like you are at home. With the Irish pub decoration, you can feel yourself in a place in the 1970s. Those lights and the feeling of nostalgia warm one's heart. You can also chat with the owner of a very hospitable, friendly place while watching Irish sports here.

Celtic Irish Bar

Celtic offers an authentic Irish Pub atmosphere, from its decoration to its playgrounds, events, and carefully created menus. It is a candidate to be the favorite place of your group of friends with its variety of cocktail menus. The food menu is full of delicious options to accompany the beer. Nachos with cheese served with guacamole, chili sauce, and Irish beer make a great pairing. Good news: Discounts are applied for certain beers between 12:00 and 19:00 every day.

James Joyce Irish Bar

James Joyce Irish Pub is one of the most admired pubs in Istanbul. It is possible to socialize in the Irish pub, which offers sports, live music every night, scenery, and a wide variety of beers. James Joyce has darts downstairs and excellent bartenders. There is also an area where you can play darts and billiards on the upper floors. Be sure to watch the Istanbul view from the terrace if you go. 

Who is James Joyce?

James Joyce is an Irish writer, poet, and literary critic who made his real fame with his novels. Almost all of his works are centered in Dublin, born and raised. 

Rounder's Irish Bar

Located in one of the most visited places by foreign tourists, this pub will give you a great experience with its atmosphere, food, and drink. A very cozy place with a rich menu and a great selection of beers. The owners make you feel comfortable and even give you the option to play the music you want. The terrace is pleasant even when it's cold, given the availability of heating and blankets. 

Corner Irish Pub

Corner Irish Pub is located in the midst of İstiklal Street (Istanbul's most famous street). A pub with a cozy interior atmosphere where you will feel like you are in Dublin. There is an excellent range of beers with lots of export. There are also delicious beef burger options. Our recommendation is the Ottoman burger. Also, suppose you are addicted to watching sports games, especially on weekends. In that case, you can watch plenty of football, American football, and other sports matches. While having a pleasant time, you can find yourself accompanying the notes of blues and jazz music. Do not return without tasting Irish craft beers at the Irish venue!

The Harp Irish Pub

The venue is located on Kadıköy Alkım Street. Indie boutiques, trendy cafes, and Anatolian restaurants can be found in the colorful street-art buildings on its winding streets. It is a must-visit place for those who want to enjoy the best Irish pub and see it for the first time. While most pubs in Kadıköy have turned into a rock bar atmosphere, The Harp Irish Pub is one of the places you will want to stop by. In addition to the wide selection of beers and whiskeys, the music is carefully selected.

Belfast Irish Pub

A different, pleasant, and friendly Irish pub with its environment, decency, and how it is called "ours." With its leafy garden, darts, chat-crazy operator, relaxing sound level, and endless rock ballads, it can compel you as soon as you enter. For people who are looking for peace and sincerity, it should be visited, and a green beer should be drunk

Frequently Asked Question

What are the best Irish pubs in Istanbul?
The James Joyce Irish Pub, Belfast Irish Pub, Corner Irish Pub are one the bests.
What is so special about Irish pubs?
People want to go to Irish pubs with their loved ones mainly because of the friendly atmosphere.
How many Irish pubs are there in Istanbul?
More than 50 Irish pubs available in Istanbul
Is beer better in Irish pubs?
In a pub dedicated to Ireland, a place where beer is widely consumed, beer is likely to be better.
What to drink in an Irish pub?
Guinness, Fat Frog, Whiskey and Cranberry, Beer