Because Istanbul is a megacity with a population of approximately 20 million people, you can find any kind of food and restaurants of various cuisines, such as Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, and others. It’s likely that you’d want to sample some Turkish food from time to time, at lovely places. That is very typical. Sushi is a popular among the various global cuisines. Sushi restaurants are popular with both residents and visitors from other countries. It is, nevertheless, essential to locate a nice, fresh, clean, and tasty location to dine. In this article, we will attempt to compile a list of the finest and most highly rated sushi restaurants in Istanbul

Cloud 34

From its large window, Cloud 34 offers a stunning view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. In the evenings, there is live music where you may enjoy your meal. Cloud 34 is also a good place to spend New Year’s Eve and other special occasions. Although it is a bit pricey, the cocktails, bar, cuisine, and service are all five stars at this restaurant. It is advised to try the lobster truffle roll. Some types of sushi are restricted on the menu, so you may not locate your favorite roll species. However, it is worthwhile to experience the ideal atmosphere and Bosphorus view. It is also at an easily accessible location. They offer a nice selection of beverages to go with your sushi. 

Kiss The Frog Restaurant

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers both Italian and Japanese cuisine in Istanbul. Kebaps and Mediterranean cuisine are also available. The restaurant is open from 12 p.m. until 2 a.m. They also enjoy a wonderful view of the Bosphorus and the second bridge from the sea. In terms of Asian cuisine, the restaurant menu is restricted to certain sushi varieties and fresh fish, although they are among the finest in the city. Your Istanbul trip is never done without a good meal! The service is excellent, and the food is always fresh and of great quality. You may choose to sit outdoors in nicer weather conditions, where you will find a more tranquil environment. 


Zuma is an exquisite Japanese restaurant with a beautiful ambience and excellent Japanese cuisine and Sushi. Sushi Bar and the Robata Grill are located apart from the Open Kitchen. In this unique restaurant with beautiful music and décor, you will experience the finest of Japanese culinary culture when you visit Istanbul. On weekends, it may get more busy, so make a reservation before you go. Cocktails, sweets, and whiskey are all suggested to try in addition to Sushi. Delicious dishes include spicy beef tenderloin, salmon teriyaki, nigiri sushi, and maki rolls. 

Inari Omokase

It offers a beautiful Bosphorus view, attentive personnel, excellent service, and somewhat expensive pricing. You may taste corn tempura, fried popcorn, shrimp, and black garlic prawns. The restaurant is usually full, so make a reservation before going. Hot rolls are also among the most popular kinds of sushi. Ordering salmon sashimi will demonstrate that the fish is always fresh. It may become a little packed around lunch and supper. Nonetheless, the atmosphere and interior design are soothing. When it comes to sushi, the spicy salmon rolls and truffle salmon maki are the most popular and tasty options. Many sushi establishments have tiny tables, however they are compensated for by excellent cuisine.

Apart from history and culture, Istanbul offers the top luxury restaurants for your taste, too!