Turkish coffee is made in a tiny coffee pot known as a “cezve” in Turkish and served with a glass of water and Turkish sweets known as “lokum.” Turkish coffee is a daily habit followed by almost everyone in the country, usually after a meal and accompanied by genuine discussion. 

Turkish coffee is almost always served with a glass of water and Turkish delight, which cleans the palate and turns the aftertaste into something bittersweet. Sade (no sugar), orta şekerli (medium), or çok şekerli (very sweet), Turkish coffee is almost always served with a glass of water and Turkish delight, which cleans the palate and turns the aftertaste into something bittersweet. The presence of froth in your fincan (the small cup in which Turkish coffee is served) indicates that the coffee has been properly prepared. It should be consumed in tiny sips so that the grounds settle at the bottom of the cup and may be read to reveal your fate. 

Bebek Kahve

Bebek Kahve is a beautiful coffee shop in Bebek, near the European shore of Boshorus. Bebek Kahve has been in business for almost 65 years. People like to stroll or jog along Bebek’s beachfront promenade, then stop for a break and a cup of tea or Turkish coffee while admiring the spectacular views of the Bosphorus from the Bebek Kahve. 

Pierre Loti Hill Cafe

Pierre Loti Hill is a wonderful leisure and tourism destination with a magnificent open-air café overlooking the Golden Horn. The hill rises to a height of approximately 55 meters above sea level. The hill, which has the name of a renowned French writer and traveler who resided in Istanbul and spent the most of his time here, is reached by a pleasant cable car ride. The hill is a famous location for getting excellent pictures of Istanbul’s finest vistas. There are seven ancient houses that have been converted into a boutique hotel, a magnificent restaurant, a hookah café, and the well-known Pierre Loti Hill Cafe and Shop, which offers stunning views of the Golden Horn. On the hill’s slopes, there’s also a large cemetery. You may unwind while sipping Turkish coffee or tea, or dine at the Pierre Loti Cafe, which is accessible to the public. 


Mandabatmaz is a well-known café on Istanbul’s renowned Istiklal Street, known for its Turkish coffee. Mandabatmaz provides a fantastic Turkish coffee experience that even non-coffee drinkers would enjoy. It’s a wonderful pleasure to sit in a small chair and table and take in the calm ambiance of Istiklal Street. On their way down Istiklal Street, locals like to stop and rest here. 

Bonus: Okkali Kahve

Okkali Kahve is a favorite hangout for Besiktas residents. Okkali Kahve serves a range of Turkish coffee flavors, including dibek (special), light, smooth, and gum mastic, with carrot cake and tiramisu. On the street tables, you may enjoy your Turkish coffee and Turkish pleasure while observing the bustling people and bustling neighborhood life. 

During your stay to Istanbul, there are many locations where you may enjoy the finest and most authentic Turkish coffee, but we wanted to offer you a brief overview of some of them. If you pick a coffee shop near the Bosphorus, you may enjoy your coffee with your loved ones while overlooking the Bosphorus and the sea. Make sure you buy the appropriate coffee for you, however. You may wish to add extra sugar to Turkish coffee since it is thicker than other coffees.