Especially the fashion style of the country that represents the diversity the region had in the past.



Mavi is a brand of denim and jeans, founded in 1991, it is based in Istanbul.

The company manufacturers jeans for women and men, targeting a younger age group. And also, there are many celebrities who wear this brand like Kate Winslet and Chelsea Clinton. The brand offers the latest fashion there is for your modern style of clothing. Don’t hesitate to have a touch of fashion from Mavi.


LTB is a brand of denim jeans founded in 1994 by Littlebig and its headquarter is in Istanbul. LTB is one of the biggest denim company there is in Turkey and produces over 17 million pieces of garments per year. The brand is well known for its modern style fashion, it also targets the youth for its clothes.


Derimod is a brand which its goal of combining leather and fashion, and it has been the pioneering figure of a brand-new lifestyle and elegance by embodying grace of leather in fashionable models. As the first brand combining the two components in Turkey. Demirod is still a pioneering company of the sector in our modern days.

Lc Waikiki:

The journey of this company started in France in 1988, continuing after 1997 as a Turkish brand. The company targets every generation with its fashion and prices that are incomparable to many brands. Alongside serving the best quality there is to offer. From baby clothes to adults’ clothes. Today LC Waikiki trades in 848 stores in 38 countries, with the company’s moto being “Everyone deserves to dress well” enabling people to enjoy accessible fashion through quality products. The stores of this brand are scattered everywhere and in every part of the city.


Aker combines world fashion and traditional motifs in its own design workshops and designs the scarf fashion in Turkey with more than 1000 patterns and color scarves designed every season. The Aker production facility is one of the largest and modern facility in the world, one to protects silk quality at the highest level with its advance technology production systems they have. The brand is famous for its wonderfully designed scarves that will take your style to the next level.


Hatemoglu was started in 1924 to rank as the first ready-to-wear garment manufacturer. And its classic style contributed a lot to the modernization process of Turkey. Targeting middle age and older men groups through its suits, shirts, ties, and many more. Hatemoglu is distinguished in its selective style focusing on every detail. The brand is well known in Turkey for its style and has many branches all over the city as well.


The story of Herry begins with the opening of a women’s wear boutique in 1992, in Istanbul. From that day, Herry continues its journey as one of the leading women’s apparel brands in Turkey. With its innovative designs, Herry has become the first choice of modern women who appreciate fashion, both in Turkey and abroad. So, don’t hesitate ladies to shop from one of Turkey’s most fashionable brands.

Turkey is a nation of surprises; the country has many things to offer to the world. The history it holds, the old city and its architecture, the modern lifestyle and nightlife, and the best fashion. Turkey is a country where fashion is as important as drinking your daily dose of Turkish coffee or Tea. There are many brands to choose from, depending on your style. A wide variation of brands and styles make Turkey one of the leading countries in the world in Fashion.