Cinemaximum in zorlu center

Zorlu Center Mall is one of the most luxurious and prestigious shopping malls in Istanbul, featuring many exciting things to do and a wide collection of brands and entertainment centers.

Zorlu Center is among the most beautiful in Istanbul, having a selection of international brands as well as other European brands. Zorlu Center also has a 2-storey Apple Store that includes the latest products there is on the market.

The mall is located on the European side of the city, in the amazing Besiktas, it is a popular tourist destination on the Bosphorous shore. In Besiktas, skyscrapers compete with palaces for a space in an upscale place with a hilly green parkland, the wealthy neighborhood offers you a rich mix of opportunities to dine, entertainment, and shop. For people in search of urban buzz, there is the frenetic Besiktas ferry terminal to explore as well.

Zorlu Center has one of the most attractive and all enjoyable cinema you will ever see, with its amazing and urban design, this cinema in this amazing complex will give you the latest 3D movies there are so you can enjoy your time there. As well as the complex of Zorlu Center provides many other entertainments for you and your family, definitely worth every part of the experience. It also offers the best theme park to let your children having a joy.

Cintech in mall of istanbul

Mall of Istanbul is one of the most promising tourist attractions in the city of Istanbul. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Turkey. The mall complex is fascinating by its design, with its 7 towers design, consisting of 4 residential towers, an office tower, and a large building for hotel units, and a huge shopping mall. With 350 shops, the outlet offers you the best shopping experience. For entertainment Mall of Istanbul has the largest indoor amusement park with a horror house, and a huge race track and many other recreational facilities.

Mall of Istanbul has the largest cinema within a commercial complex in Turkey, it has 16 theaters with a capacity of 3050 seats, and all the facilities are equipped with the highest technical standards. It is just the perfect place to have a nice popcorn and watch your favorite movie in one of Istanbul’s beautiful theaters.

Cinema pink at taksim in istiklal caddesi

The Taksim square is a fascinating avenue to visit, it has a special place in the hearts of the visitors, the place is located in the middle of Istanbul, and it is a place where fashion and history meet together, famous for the Istiklal Street and Caddesi it has on both sides of the street, shops filling the street all the way down to Galata Tower, also you will notice many Restaurants everywhere there, ranging from local cuisine, to fast food and delights. There plenty of things to do in Taksim, you may want to visit the cultural center, or buy souvenirs, or eat food. But also there are good time where you can enjoy in the Taksim rather than just shopping, which you may want to party at a nice bar or just chilling with a glass of your favorite drink in a pub. And also you will notice the street there is at Taksim, and most importantly, for movie lovers, there is Cinema Pink which is widely known there for its modern design and well-furnished and decorated with huge screens and comforting couches and atmosphere. See your favorite movie after you finish from the Taksim square.

In Istanbul wherever shopping mall you go or a fancy avenue you will see cinemas there, and you may want to check the movies there for the ultimate fun. Also many Cinemas there are usually besides a fun and entertainment center maybe a bowling alley or even billiard tables. So go and check those amazing cinemas and have fun.