A place that provides different cultures melts in one pot; a city that teaches you different and unique lifestyles! Everyone should have something to say about Istanbul; therefore, paying a visit and discovering Istanbul will be the best experience that one can have! Discover Istanbul; discover its colorful daily city life and dynamic nightlife!

Unique Lifestyles of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city where the east and west have been living together for a long time. Therefore, it offers you a different kind of lifestyle to experience! Every part of the city gives you a unique and unordinary feeling as you discover. How about finding the heart of Istanbul, the Fatih district, which hosts various architectures; palaces, churches, pavilions, cisterns… History performs itself in a hale and hearty way! During your visit to the heart of the city, you will meet people coming to discover Istanbul from all around the world. 

Activities in Istanbul 

Is it your first time in Istanbul? If so, you are recommended to spend your daytime discovering the colorful history of Istanbul. It’s a classic to begin visiting the Blue Mosque of Istanbul; and Hagia Sophia, which is standing face to face with the Blue Mosque. Istanbul can’t be completed without discovering its history since its spirit comes from its glorious history and culture. However, to know about Istanbul is never enough for anyone because it has endless lifestyles to be discovered! 

Another popular activity in Istanbul is visiting Galata Tower and Maiden’s Tower! Galata Tower is located at the end of the İstiklal Street, the most iconic, popular, and famous street in Istanbul, where you feel the city’s rush. You will be dazzled by its beautiful architecture; you can find the best restaurants that offer you both international and Turkish cuisine, where you can shop, entertain yourself, and discover the lifestyle in plates Istanbul has to offer! Galata Tower and Maiden’s Tower both present their visitors with a panoramic view of the city! 

If you are into shopping, Istanbul is the best place to find famous worldwide brands and local shopping stores! First of all, you must know where to go! If you aren’t looking for something specific, it can be an excellent activity to take a walk in the long street of İstiklal since it hosts both worldwide famous brands and little boutiques to shop! You can also find vintage stores, traditional ones, and stores where you can have your own charms, making you remember Istanbul! And also, you can visit passages to shop if you want your shopping to be wallet-friendly in İstiklal! If you would like to visit the malls of Istanbul, you should begin with Zorlu Center, which is located in Beşiktaş, one of the famous parts of Istanbul. This mall offers shopping and entertainment activities according to all sorts of lifestyles!

Daytime Activities in Istanbul

With its endless opportunities to make your everyday great, one can find different activities in Istanbul according to their interest and lifestyle. If you want to chill by the sea, you can go for a walk on the coast of Bebek, and get yourself a cup of coffee from the cute coffee shops in this area! While visiting Bebek, do not miss visiting Arnavutköy, where the colorful pavilions are waiting for you to be discovered! You can also chill on the coast of Beşiktaş; there, you can also visit Dolmabahçe Palace, which is located on the seashore and has a view of the Bosphorus

Another great activity to do is to discover Karaköy, which is also one of the most popular places in the city! Take your camera with you while visiting Karaköy because the streets of this neighborhood are full of interesting graffiti! One of the oldest neighborhoods in Istanbul, Karaköy hosts so many cafes where you can hang out with your friends and restaurants where you can taste different delicacies and pubs, which makes your nightlife in Istanbul unforgettable! They all represent different sorts and varieties of lifestyles in Istanbul!

Balat, located in the Fatih district, is another great destination to discover in Istanbul. Like other places in Istanbul, Balat has so many treasures to be discovered by its visitors. Once it was a place for the minorities living in Istanbul history, now it is one of the best places to spend a beautiful day. With its narrow streets, it hosts a lot of historic architecture such as Fener Greek High School, Bulgarian Church… Furthermore, you can find second-hand stores which sell antique objects and ethnic clothes! Bakeries, some vintage-designed coffee shops, local restaurants, and colorful houses gloriously welcome you! They all add up to let you discover each and every lifestyle in Istanbul.

Nightlife of Istanbul

Let’s say you are the one to have the best one at night, and your lifestyle thrives when it’s midnight. Then you will love the fact that one of the best parts of Istanbul is its nightlife! For you, the night is still young in Istanbul! If you want to make your night unforgettable, discover the side streets of İstiklal street since it has so many pubs and bars! One of the famous streets consisting of Turkish pubs is Nevizade! The nights of Nevizade are well-known in Istanbul. Asmalımescit is another destination to spend your night. IF Performance Hall in Beşiktaş is where the best concerts are held! According to your interest, catch the best concert for yourself and taste the nightlife in Istanbul! How about having fun in the historic beer factory, Bomonti Beer Factory, in the Bomonti neighborhood? This famous historic beer factory consists of several different kinds of pubs. Furthermore, you can catch a concert at Bomonti Beer Factory


Frequently Asked Question

What do adults do in the weekend in Turkey?
The adults in Turkey mainly spend time with their families and catch up on chores on weekends.
Is alcohol legal in Turkey?
Yes. Adults sometimes drink alcohol with their families and loved ones in Turkey.
Does Istanbul have a nightlife?
Yes! Istanbul has a vibrant nightlife!
Are there any museums in Istanbul?
Yes! There are over 30 museums in Istanbul.
What is the central district of Istanbul?
The central district is usually accepted as Taksim by the majority of people.