Start Your Day With Breakfast In Karaköy:


So first things first, before doing anything, start your day with a nice Turkish breakfast, a breakfast made with an amazing collection of food variations from cheese to cream cheese to Simit and the list goes on and on. But where to have the nicest breakfast you say?

One of the coolest restaurants is Dem restaurant located in one of Istanbul’s most arty neighborhoods Karaköy, really close to Galata Tower as well. The place is also considered a teahouse with a rich heritage of the tea culture, the place is so unique you will feel yourself at home because of how they represent the cultures in this city.

Also the district is full of these kinds of European/Turkish Cafes and restaurants, in addition to its fantastic art galleries and classical Turkish small shops where you can observe without having that touristic crowd around you.

Discover The Ancient Districts Of Istanbul:

A solo traveler or a group traveler, coming to Istanbul to check the ancient wonders left by the Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire is a must, yes, a must, because each historical place in Istanbul has its own story and every one of them contains an amazing relics that will make you fall in love with the history of Istanbul.

Your first stop should be Sultanahmet and Hagiasophia, which they are pretty famous for their architecture and historical design, plus the avenue there is wonderful to hangout and have a nice relaxing walk. While you are there you will also notice on the other side of the street that there are also plenty of local stores and restaurants if you feel hungry.

Also while you are sightseeing in Istanbul you may notice a lot of castles and fortress scattered around the city, these castles are left by the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, and later on were switched to being an open museums for the tourists and locals, many of these castles are on the shore of the Bosphorous, like Yedikule (Fortress of 7 Towers), Anadolu Hisari, and Rumeli Hisari, each castle provides you with a magical view and wonderful and interesting stories to tell.

Shopping In Istanbul:


Of course you might want to shop in Istanbul, the city is a city of fashion as well as history, and also the reasonable prices that are found in the city will make you shop.

There are many districts to shop in Istanbul, and no I am not talking about shopping malls, I am talking about districts. Districts like Taksim and Istiklal Street which everywhere you walk there you will find local and international brands on both sides of the street and along the street, you might want to check it out, because also there are not just clothes, also handmade antique shops found everywhere in the district. Nişantaşı also is the most known place in Istanbul for its fashionable boutiques, selling international and prominent local brands, in addition to its art nouveau buildings house many restaurants serving the best Turkish and global cuisine. In addition to the mentioned places you have also the Grand Bazaar to visit, the Bazaar is really famous not just for its clothes and jewelry stores, but also an amazing Turkish sweets and delights stores you want to definitely check out, they even serve you a bite so that you buy which kind you like the most, and also a funny story that you will learn how to bargain like a local in this place. The Bazaar is also one of the largest and covered bazaars in the world, it is the best place to live an Ottoman experience.

Food In Istanbul:


Turkey is really famous for its wide collection of cuisine, it made its mark in the worlds’ famous cuisines. A variation of Meat, chicken, and even for vegetarians, the really famous dish is the Kebab which has many kinds like Adana Kebab, Urfa Kebab and the list goes on. Many restaurants in Istanbul offers you a chilling view over the city and a nice collection of Turkish dishes served to you with a smiley face and wonderful joy.