Raki is an unsweetened, anise-flavored alcoholic drink. Raki is the national drink in Turkey and is traditionally consumed either dry (In Turkish: sek – drinking raki without water), with chilled water on the side or partly mixed with chilled water, according to personal preference.

Raki is commonly consumed along with mezzes. But raki is popular with especially seafoods so in Turkish there is a culture which is called “Rakı – Balık” (In English: raki and fish). It is an equally popular complement to various red meat dishes like kebabs, where it is sometimes served with a glass of şalgam.

If you have a travel plan to Istanbul, have raki and fish pleasure!

Here Are The Best Raki And Fish Restaurants In Istanbul:

Villa Bosphorus: Having Fish With A Great View Of Istanbul

Villa Bosphorus provides you the ambiance of Bodrum’s seaside restaurants with its beach. Villa Bosphorus is one of the best fish restaurants in Istanbul with its amazing Bosphorus view.

Address: Albay Hüsamettin Ertürk Sok. No: 13 Çengelköy / Üsküdar
Telephone: +90 216 422 80 80-81

Where Bosphorus’ Blue And Cemil Topuzlu Park’s Green Meet: Park Fora

Park Fora is in service since 1996 at Cemil Topuzlu Park in KuruçeşmePark Fora is one of the most charming fish restaurants in Istanbul.

Address: Muallim Naci Cad. Cemil Topuzlu Parkı İçi No: 54/A Ortaköy / Beşiktaş
Telephone: +90 212 265 50 63

Delicious Tastes, Cozy Ambiance And Elegance: Eftalya Fish Restaurant

You can find lots of types of seafoods in Eftalya Fish RestaurantGrilled fish patty and fish soup are the best tastes in here.

Address: Arnavutköy Mah. 1. Cad. No: 32 Arnavutköy / Beşiktaş
Telephone: +90 212 287 25 20

Misina Fish Restaurant, Where You Can Find Real Taste Of Fresh Fish

Misina Fish Restaurant, provides you fresh fish, healthy herbs which comes from Aegean and Ayvalık and delicious mezzes from Crete, Rum and Aegean kitchens.

Address: Dr. Faruk Ayanoğlu Cad. No: 36 /1 Dalyan Fenerbahçe / Kadıköy
Telephone: +90 216 550 02 58-59

Pleasure Of Fresh Fish And Delicious Mezzes: Mira Fish Restaurant

Mira Fish Restaurant is one of the best fish restaurants in Istanbul. Located on Arnavutköy and having a great view of the Bosphorus, Mira provides you a nice ambience.

Address: Bebek Arnavutköy caddesi, No: 70/1 Arnavutköy / Beşiktaş
Telephone: +90 212 265 31 31