Curb Your Enthusiasm in Eminonu, Istanbul! Always seen as the embodiment of sensuality,  the quintessence of paradise -  seamlessly fits the cravings of imagination. A city with a generous splash of creative waves! What a Dazzling Experience in a Soulful Square with its rich historic sights and contemporary life – Eminönü Square in Istanbul. A fairytale-like beauty - A Site of Nostalgia and Melancholy!

A Vibrant Street Life & The World Famous Spice Market! Evening Walk at Eminonu Square is quite fascinating. Even too late at midnight? No problem - You Can Still Dunk In The Dark in this magnificent part of the city! Eminönü is a center where everyone living in Istanbul or coming as a tourist goes at least once to eat fish and bread or buy spices from the Spice Bazaar. Eminönü is also one of the intersection points of Istanbul transportation. It is possible to go to Eminönü by tram, IETT, ferry, metro, and Metrobus. If you come to Eminönü during the day, you can see people from all nationalities, but it is just as calm in the evenings. Let's spare a day for Eminönü as it is, and let's look at places where we can breathe the air of the district and Istanbul.

Where Is Eminonu Istanbul?

Eminönü is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Istanbul, located in the center of the Old City area. Eminonu is right in the heart of the walled city of Constantine and it is the place where Byzantium was founded. Eminonu is the center and focal point of an incredibly rich history.  Eminonu is surrounded by the Galata Bridge, the Golden Horn, and up on the hill by the Topkapı Palace, the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii), and Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya).

Nearly every neighborhood is a different world unto itself in this sprawling city. Its liminal position between the two continents becomes the site through which cultural identities are articulated in contemporary fiction on Turkey. There is surely no more bewildering city on the face of the earth than Istanbul; A barely perceptible sensory threshold & temporary in-betweenness in a glorious metropolis. What a socially and structurally inspirational status!

Eminonu Square

The most inspirational square in the World – Eminonu Square! The source of That Magic Feeling – Empathy!  The broad ability to understand and share the feelings of the other. Istanbul; The city where the Shroud of Turin and Holy Grail is kept by Knight Templars. The Knight Templar order was secretly established in 1096 in Constantinople (Istanbul) and the Little Hagia Sophia Church (converted to a mosque) was the secret templar commandery. An artistic true piece of Masonry architecture, such a work that speaks to a dedication to detail, focused thinking, and an obsessive commitment to producing the best. Through thinking about Eminonu and what to do, nothing sounds better than visiting this temple first.

Istanbul; City of Holy Grail! It is believed that when Byzantine Emperor visited Jerusalem for Helena (Empress of Constantinople), he brought along the famous Holy Grail to Istanbul. After building the column of Constantine (Cemberlitas)for the sake of Constantine III, the Holy Grail was kept inside that column to protect the city. With its Islamic prayers echoing from the mosques and its celestial gaze watching over the city, Eminonu is home to Spice Market, Rustem Pasha Mosque, Yenicami Mosque, Galata bridge connecting Eminonu to Karakoy over the Golden Horn, and Galata Tower among many other sights.

The monumental mosques in Eminonu continuously make statements in the overall impression of the city. Their endurance gain meaning together with the playful spontaneity of ephemeral lights and shadows. Ottoman monuments of Istanbul representing themselves as examples of high Islamic art inspire new avenues of abstraction in artistic creation. How interesting it is to see “authentically” Turkish neighborhoods despite the city’s heterogeneity that brings Ottoman and European cultures together.

Places to Visit in Eminönü

Eminönü Square

Eminönü Square is undoubtedly one of the most visited places and shopping streets. When you decide to go to Eminönü Square, do not miss seeing the famous Spice Bazaar, Historical Sirkeci Station, and Yeni Mosque. It is possible to find many products at low prices in shopping stores, from textiles to household goods.

The streets in Eminönü Square are like a labyrinth. There is history in every corner. Also, when you come here, you will see people fishing. You will not want to go back without eating fish and bread because the fish and bread boats that have been on the beach since the 1950s have become the district's tradition.

The Spice Bazaar

Eminönü coast, where the Spice Bazaar is located, has been a busy market area since the Byzantine period. This quite lively bazaar still preserves its authentic and old spirit. The colorful spice stalls will attract your attention when entering the Spice Bazaar. Don't forget to buy medicinal spices!

In this historical and nostalgic bazaar, you will find the souvenirs you are looking for in shops selling Turkish delight, silk shawls, evil eye beads. At the Flower Market, right next to the Spice Bazaar, you can enter the world of colorful flowers and wander around the market accompanied by fragrant scents.

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar maintains its distinction as one of the oldest and largest bazaars globally from past to present. It continues to serve for more than 500 years with its nearly 4 thousand shops and approximately 25 thousand employees. Although many of them have changed today, it is possible to understand what is made and sold there by looking at the names of the streets and inns of the bazaar.

The Grand Bazaar, built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1460 after the conquest of Istanbul to generate income for Hagia Sophia, continues its function as one of the most critical and complex projects developed by the Ottoman Empire. It is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Eminönü Yeni Cami

The Yeni Cami (New Mosque) is located in Eminönü and is one of the most magnificent symbols of Istanbul. Fountains, Valide Sultan Mausoleum, primary schools, darülkurra, and timekeepers were built in and around the mosque's courtyard. In the mosque, you can see the porticoes that we are used to seeing in Ottoman architectural arts. Inside the mosque, there are tiles of blue, white, and green colors. This building, which could be finished 66 years after being built, was originally by the sea. However, with the filling of the ocean over time, the distance between them increased considerably.

Gülhane Park

Gülhane Park is one of the places where you can breathe so beautifully in the middle of Istanbul. As soon as you enter Gülhane Park, your eyes are surrounded by colorful flowers and great trees, while bird sounds surround your ears. During the Ottoman period, it took place as the garden of Topkapı Palace to grow various plants. Covering a vast area, Gülhane Park has outdoor cafes with impressive Bosphorus views. During the Tulip Festival in April, the beauties of Gülhane Park are worth seeing.

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge, which connects Eminönü and Karaköy, is a famous bridge with restaurants under it. When you go to Eminönü, you can walk on the Galata Bridge to the side of Karaköy and breathe the history of Istanbul. It is a great historic place to watch the anglers, Galata Tower, Golden Horn, Bosphorus Bridge, and Marmara.

Rüstem Paşa Mosque

This mosque, which is the work of Mimar Sinan, is on the list of must-visit by itself. You will see the most successful titles of the period, especially inside the building. Different tiles were used in each part of the mosque, and it is an excellent example of Ottoman architecture. You won't regret taking a short break from your trip and seeing this place.

Eminönü Bazaar

A buzzing Eminönü Bazaar! The view of Eminönü shopping together with Eminönü restaurants is so strangely beautiful that it is hard to credit its reality or to believe that it is anything but one of those theatrical scenes prepared to illustrate some eastern fairy tale. Such melancholy emanates from the city! All screenshots of Eminonu; The grand Eminonu square, Eminonu pier, restaurants near EminonuEminonu bazaar, and ferries are all together in big-picture a very trendy place for artists and those from foreign countries who draw pieces during their visit to Istanbul.

What to Eat in Eminonu?

Balık Ekmek at Eminönü (fish sandwich) is a very famous delicacy of the area. Located on Eminönü pier, one of the most famous Istanbul street food dishes to eat is balık-ekmek, a sandwich of grilled mackerel. There are a series of boats where the food stalls are set up the grill and the mackerel. You can take a seat on the pier at one of the boats, and order up a big fish sandwich for a fantastic meal or snack.

Istanbul is one of the most ancient cities in the world, packed with history and a food culture that is deliciously exciting. Grilling fish over charcoal, where the fish oil envelope the fish with the smoke, is perhaps the most delicious way of eating mature fish since this method brings out the delicate flavor. This is also why the grilled fish and bread sold on Eminonu pier by vendors right on their boats are so tasty.

There is always a wide range of different foods during day time. All Eminonu area is full of restaurants serving soups, stews, and hot vegetable dishes at lunch and dinner time. There are also plenty of fast-food restaurants in all the bazaars and shopping streets. Doner and lahmacun are very popular fast food varieties. In light of thinking about where to stay and hotels near Eminonu Istanbul; Istanbul is a city that offers just about every type and form of accommodation imaginable, in an overwhelming quantity. All world hotel brands are present in Istanbul, but there are also many family-run guest house-style accommodation options as well.

Ferry Routes

Eminonu pier is the center point for all ferry routes around Istanbul which is at the limen, a pearl situated on the threshold where the boundaries are set between the East and the West.
Nothing feels more exotic than a ferry trip from Eminonu to Buyukada (Princess island), Uskudar, Kadıkoy, Besiktas, and Bosphorus. What a visual experience of the city from the sea! How many faces could a city have? Surely it is possible to watch all the faces at once only from the sea. A City Continuously in Flux & Alive!

Bosphorus Cruise 

Eminonu pier is also the main departure station for the Bosphorus cruise. Eminonu – for Bosphorus cruise; A seductive yet brooding silhouette of the historic city

Eminonu - Uskudar Ferry

Eminonu to Uskudar ferry; The starting point for a deep journey into the mystery of Mystical Jewish Sect Lived Hidden In Plain Sight. Uskudar; Recapturing a mood or spirit of a previous time. Dreaming of a lost golden age, the great declines of history, to the fall of once empires. Such a joy of being familiar with Istanbul’s illuminating multi-civilizational past.

Eminonu - Ortakoy Ferry

Ortakoy; The association of the oriental lovely and immortal queen with the feminine exotic! Eminonu to Ortakoy ferry, which truly alludes to the melancholy that emanates from the city. Eminonu to Ortakoy ferry; Witnessing “the grand theatrical scene of Dolmabahce Palace” about how the past circulates in present-day Istanbul—not only because historic monuments and artifacts are scattered through the city but also because the past is continuously improvised upon. Walking through Eminonu to Besiktas also leaves you with a very strong feeling of leaving behind traces of your presence in the fantasy of this magnificent city. While experiencing the warmth of the sunlight falling upon, feeling a chill breath of the north wind which blows across the Black Sea; Enchanted with the beauty of the Bosphorus! 

Eminonu - Besiktas Ferry

Marveling at the beauty of the Bosphorus. The lights of the city, the brightly shining palaces, and the majestic mosques are all reflected in its blue waters like a scene from a fairy tale. Besiktas; The beauty of the picturesque in art and architecture with its accidental nature. Istanbul – A City of Divine Calculus! Eminonu to Besiktas ferry; Passing the Ciragan Palace, on the other side beginning to see the silhouettes of the minarets of mosques, the postcard so typical of Istanbul. 

Eminonu - Buyukada Ferry

Rather a longer journey than the other routes, Eminonu to Buyukada ferry; The Celestial gaze watching over the city and the Maiden’s Tower. Nostalgic visions of the multicultural Ottoman capital, the expression of grief for something lost and the absence of which continues to produce significant emotional distress. Since a longer journey than other routes, definitely a must it is to check Eminonu to Buyukada ferry timetable. In every sense of the word, an amazing trip it is. An emotion of sadly longing for an unattainable past and a desire to know more. Although it is a longer trip than others, the only small difference there is on Eminonu to Buyukada ferry price.

How to Get to Airport from Eminonu?

Is the return day coming up? Getting ready for departure? Limited Time Left? Trying to find out ways how to get to Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport? If you think city lines are too much hassle or too tiring, then we surely have ways for your super fast & super comfortable transfer to airports. Our professional staff is ready for private transfers to Istanbul Airport & Sabiha Gokcen airport.

Yes, indeed; In-depth discovery means every opportunity is explored. Be informed, educated, rested, relaxed, and revitalized with us through “Discovering Istanbul - Truly an art!” Feeling the timeless spirit of Nostalgia and Melancholy - intrepid, cosmopolitan, and inspired - yet infused with the sights, sounds, and inflections of modern-day – Istanbul.

Discover the Eminonu Square and its Spice Bazaar

The square is a fantastic starting point since it is the meeting point just like the Taksim Square, you can grab a bite from any restaurant over there or a street vendor and sit down and admire the beauty of the Golden Horn. Once you finish, you may go to the famous spice Bazaar and shop for many things, the bazaar is quite famous for its antiques, all other stuff that is available for sale in the area is negotiable the merchants there can speak foreign languages to make it easy for the tourists to contact with the merchants.

In addition, if you are a coffee lover, there is a famous coffee brewery in the bazaar, Mehmet Efendi Kahveci, which makes the freshest coffee beans and sells them. In fact, this is the oldest branch of the company which makes the coffee since the old days. You will see the staff working through the glass and brewing the coffee beans, you can either drink a coffee or get packages with you if you want more fresh Turkish coffee.

Discover the Magnificent Suleymaniye Mosque

The mosque is located on the third hill of Istanbul and it is considered an Ottoman Imperial mosque, it was designed by the famous architect Mimar Sinan under the order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the architecture of the mosque is Arabian, and the entrance of the mosque is beautified with a central fountain, the courtyard is of exceptional grandeur with peristyle and column of marble. The mosque has four corners and each one of the corners has a minaret. The Interior architecture of the mosque is square, forming a huge space.

Discover the Activities Around Eminonu

Around Eminonu there are plenty of things to do, you can either go to the fish market or grab fresh fish, or even you can dine at the fish restaurant there and have a wonderful seat alongside the Golden Horn.

You can ride the Tram Station and go to one of the famous places and monuments in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar, it is pretty close once you ride the Tram, you can get lost inside the Bazaar which is a great way to spend the day, the bazaar is divided into many sections, like Jewelry section, Clothes section, and even antiques and good sections. The merchants in the Bazaar have a good personality you can bargain your way with them since they can speak foreign languages. The Bazaar is one of Istanbul’s greatest monuments since the Ottoman Empire and it was and still is one of the best economic centers in the city it actually contests with many shopping outlets and malls in Istanbul.

You can also walk across the bridge and walk over until you reach the amazing Galata Tower, where many people stand in queue just so they can go up there and live an amazing panoramic view over the Golden Horn. There is also a restaurant, café, and night club on top of the tower which you can go up there by elevators so you don’t have to take the stairs all the way up. Once you reach the tower and finish touring there, keep walking to the road which will take you to Taksim and Istiklal Street, both areas have a wonderful reputation from the people.

Near the Tram Station, you can take a ferry ride and explore many areas in Istanbul, some ferries can take you to the Asian Side and some can be as a sightseeing cruise.

The Eminonu Square being a port, Bazaar area, and tourist area makes it very important for many people to go there and have the best time. The district connects many areas together and it is right in the middle of the railway. You will have an outstanding time if you spend the day there.

Frequently Asked Question

In which district is Eminonu?
-Eminonu is a district itself.
What is famous in Eminonu?
-The most famous thing in Eminonu is the Eminonu square.
What kind of place is Eminonu?
-Eminonu brings forth the Ottoman soul of Istanbul.
In which side is Eminonu?
-Eminonu is at the European side.
How to get to Eminonu?
-You can get off at Sirkeci station by Marmaray to get to Eminonu.