Explore The Islands:

Start with the Marmara Region which has many natural beauties that are accessible from Istanbul daily. Princes’ Islands can be a good way to begin the trip. There are nine of them but most famous one is Büyükada. It provide the perfect getaway for spending a quiet day. Catch a ferry from Kabataş district or Bostancı district to get here. You will be amazed by the traditional houses, the nature and the delicious food options. Also, you should totally visit the  Museum of The Prince’s Islands where you can learn about the island’s history. If you enjoy the trip, head to Heybeliada in another day. It’s the best for sunbathing and swimming. If you separate a whole day to these beautiful islands, we recommend you the Princes Islands’s Tour in order to visit these islands in an order.

Visit The Famous Resort Towns:

There are many places where you can go by car and it takes half an hour to get there. One of them is Kilyos which is a resort town whose beautiful beaches attract visitors during the summer. Also, many places located in Kilyos hosts various parties, concerts and festivals every year. So, make sure you check about the events before you visit the place. It’s ideal for a day trip at the beach or for a long and fun night. Also, away from the chaos of the city, you can eat the most fresh and delicious fish in Istanbul. Kayıkhane, located in Kilyos, can make you forget that you are in Istanbul while enjoying the magnificent view. Another place which is pretty close to Kilyos is the Belgrad Forest. It’s quite popular among the locals who are looking for some calm and relax environment. With approximately 5000 hectares of forested land, it offers an excellent opportunity to do long hikes. The forest’s equestrian center and arboretum are popular as well. So, separating a whole day to enjoy its offerings can be a good idea.  In the Asian side of the city, Şile is quite popular to a daily get-away. good hotels and restaurants. It’s a preferred meeting destination for companies. Also,  small fishermen’s harbor is also worth seeing.

Daily Trip Full Of Adventures:

If you’re looking for an adventure near Istanbul, you can learn a lot of things about the ancient city of Troy with a daily trip. The seaside town of Çanakkale is located in the Marmara Region. It’s near the Gallipoli area with a number of historical points to visit. The Troy & Gallipoli in Depth Tour will broaden your horizon with the things that you learn about this archeological places. The huge Trojan Horse monument is what visitors come to see. For a better understanding of the history, you can try the Gallipoli Tour which is a daily tour solely made for exploring the war memorials and battlefields of the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Take A Flight And Discover The History:

There are other spots that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Istanbul and Ephesus is one of them. The ancient city has got well-preserved monuments: The House of Virgin Mary and The Temple of Diana are the main places that you should visit. Unless you want to explore by yourself, the best way to visit is a daily Ephesus Tour, where you’ll be taken to the famous spots by the experienced guides. Since the tour includes the airline fares, you won’t need to think about transportation. Another full day commitment that includes a flight is Pamukkale. It’s one of the Turkey’s most popular attractions. With a daily trip to Pamukkale, you will visit Karahayıt which is famous with its Red Spring Water. Also, you shouldn’t miss out the Hierapolis which a famous Greco-Roman city. The trip offers many opportunities to relax and snap incredible pictures.

Visit The Oldest Cities Of Ottoman Empire:

Bursa enjoys many visitors from all over the world every year due to its location, delicious restaurants and magnificent history. As being the Ottoman Empire’s first ever capital, the city has gorgeous mosques and tombs that can be considered as special works of architectural history. Bursa is famous for the traditional Turkish dish called iskender. The dish consists of döner kebab prepared with hot tomato sauce over pieces of breads and served with yogurt. Actually it takes the name from its inventor, İskender Efendi, who lived in Bursa in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire. Also, if you’re visiting during winter, you can explore outside the city. Near the city, the Uludağ Mountain is known for its excellent skiing locations.