Visit Kadiköy:


You may start a summer day with drinking a cup of coffee in lovely cafes in Kadıköy, such as Montag coffee roasters. If you want to indulge yourself, you may have a Turkish breakfast in Nelipide Gurme and enjoy discovering local tastes. Since you get your energy, it is time to walking on the seaside in Kadıköy and feeling the refreshing breezes. When you reach seaside in Moda, you should taste some ice creams or drink a glass of fresh lemonade in old patisseries. Besides, it may be a great idea to arrange a simple picnic in the seaside under the trees as you watch the sunset. At that point, you should appeal by the colors of Istanbul sky and be ready to take some fascinating pictures. When the nights come, you may go to have dinner in a Turkish meyhane, where you can enjoy fresh fishes and Turkish rakı in Kadıköy. Piraye Taş Plak Meyhanesi is one of them and you can enjoy your dinner in its appealing atmosphere. After a nice dinner, you may go to have fun along the nights in pubs in Kadıköy. You can find a nice place for your music taste. For instance, if you like jazz and blues, you may visit Shaft without hesitation.

Take A Tour On Bosphorus:


Taking a tour on Bosphorus is a classical activity to enjoy being in Istanbul and it feels better in the hottest days of summer. You may get on one of those ferries in Eminönü or Kadıköy. Depending on their routes, those tours can last 2 or more hours so you can decide according to your preference. Even you attended one of those tours before, there are still many tours differs with their routes and promises. For example; you can enjoy more if you choose to attend a tour on Bosphorus dinner & show cruise. So, you can watch Istanbul sky along the day and night and enjoy your time with entertaining shows. Besides, you can combine your Bosphorus cruise & sightseeing Golden Horn or cruise on Bosphorus with city tour. Just be sure that you can take a tour on Bosphorus any time of summer days and enjoy it..

Visit Princes’ Islands:

Princes’ Islands are just like an oasis in the middle of a desert in summer. You can get on ferries from Eminönü or Kadıköy to go to those islands. Each of them has its beauty, yet Büyükada is the biggest and most popular one. Before exploring Büyükada, you may have breakfast in those little cafes in the seaside. As you walk into the streets, you will see charming gardens with lovely houses. You may rent a bicycle, yet it may exhaust rather than fun since there are many slopes and it is the summer. Probably, it is better to walk slowly and feel the details in your ways. Cheerful bird songs, refreshing breezes, happy trees, sleepy cats and more… As you get closer to the top of the hill, your view gets amazing and be sure you take some photos. When you reached Aya Yorgi church, you may appeal to its fantastic atmosphere. You may rest in the garden of the church and be happy to know that going back to the seaside will be easier. If you visit other islands as well, you may attend to a Princes’ Islands full-day tour.

Despite those hottest days of summer; if you know what you should to feel fresh, you can enjoy visiting Istanbul in July. With its charming cafes, patisseries and walking line by the seaside, Kadıköy is one of the best places to spend a summer day and night. You can take a tour on Bosphorus and appeal by lovely views of Istanbul. You can visit Princes’ Islands, walk into their fascinating streets and have a fantastic day in there. Whenever and however you come, you are welcome!

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