Adana, Urfa, and Gaziantep are the first cities that spring to mind when you think about kebab in Turkey. Of course, experiencing the culinary culture of these cities in their original locations is essential. However, many renowned chefs have moved to Istanbul from these places and started their own companies. As a result, all of the finest specimens of Turkish kebab can be found in Istanbul. When you go to a kebab shop, you will almost certainly find Adana and Urfa kebab on the menu. The Adana kebab is spicy, while the Urfa kebab is plain. Aside from these two, there are many more kinds of kebab available. The most popular are eggplant kebab, yoghurt kebab, iskender kebab, and beyti kebab. 


Gaziantep Burc Ocakbasi Restaurant

Gaziantep Burc Ocakbasi, located next to the Grand Bazaar, first opened its doors in 1988. Gaziantep Burc Ocakbasi serves excellent Gaziantep cuisine, with the top sellers being Eggplant Kebab and Adana Kebab. Gaziantep Burch Ocakbasi has not only introduced the most unique Gaziantep cuisine to Grand Bazaar, the center of the Old City, but has also been featured in tourist guidebook lists of “recommended kebab restaurants.” In addition to the delights from the Gaziantep cuisine, you should try the stuffed dry eggplant, stuffed dry pepper, and kunefah at Gaziantep Burc Ocakbasi. 

Adana Ocakbasi In Istanbul

Adana Ocakbasi is situated in Sisli’s Kurtulus district, and its slogan is “The perfect address for kebab.” You can get your kebab and appetizers here, as well as cacik (Turkish yogurt with cucumbers and herbs) and eggplant salad with yogurt. The tail fat and spices used in Adana kebab are well matched at this restaurant, and rib shish kebab and beef shish kebab are two of the finest choices at Adana Ocakbasi. Finally, the appetizer selection at Adana Ocakbasi is very extensive and excellent. 

Develi Kebab

Develi Kebab is one of Turkey’s most famous restaurants, with a history dating back to 1912. Arif Develi, the restaurant’s proprietor, is the inventor of the pistachio kebab I described at the beginning of the essay. Develi Kebap symbolizes Gaziantep, one of Turkey’s most significant kebab cities. The restaurant, which relocated from Gaziantep to Istanbul in 1966, was so popular that branches were built across the city. However, the Develi Kebab that I would suggest to you is situated on Istanbul’s Historical Peninsula’s Samatya neighborhood. Samatya Develi, located near Sultanahmet, is one of Istanbul’s best Turkish kebab restaurants

Hamdi Restaurant

The Hamdi Restaurant is situated adjacent to the Spice Bazaar and is accessible to both Sultanahmet and Taksim Square. Hamdi Arpaci, who came to Istanbul from Sanliurfa in the late 1960s, began his company as a street vendor in Eminonu and now owns the five floors of the building where he serves his clients. Hamdi Restoran’s menu has 17 distinct kebab options, including Birecik kebab and opium poppy kebab. Haydari (thick yogurt with garlic and dill), hummus, ezme salad, and eggplant in tomato sauce are available as appetizers. 

Make sure you eat properly in Istanbul so you have the energy to explore the city’s numerous historical sites, such as Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce! It is critical that you have a full stomach before you begin.