After all, some people plan to visit the city during summer time, while others think that it is better to spend time in the city during winter because it is usually not crowded. Both cases, the weather of Istanbul city will not stop you from having an exciting experience.

Istanbul has been the focus of different nationalities with its unique structure, natural beauty, and multiple different climatic features throughout the historical process. The city is influenced by the hot and dry Mediterranean climate in summer, and the Black Sea climate, where precipitation is often observed in winter. 


Spring may be the most beautiful season when you can see Istanbul because you will fall in love with the city’s warm weather. Here the spring season, when the climate changes to mild and the harsh cold weather breaks down, makes the city even more beautiful. The tops of the Bosphorus turn green, tulips and hyacinths appear all over the city. Let’s take a closer look at where you can start exploring in these weather conditions in Istanbul.

Princes’ Islands are undoubtedly the places that you will hear about Istanbul for four seasons. But what makes the islands unique in the spring season is that all kinds of trees and plants become even more exuberant and beautiful. These islands, named Heybeliada, Burgazada, Buyukada, and Kinaliada, offer many fun opportunities for domestic and foreign tourists. To give general information about what you can do in this place, you can ride a bicycle, do photography, observe various animals, and go hiking.

Hiking can be one of the best options when the air is covered with the beautiful smell of various plants and flowers in the spring weather. Polonezkoy is far from the center of Istanbul and its crowds. Hence, it offers excellent opportunities for hiking and family picnics in a mild climate.

Caddebostan is a place where all city people flock to the lawns in the magnificent weather of Istanbul. During your family visits to Istanbul, you can sit in Caddebostan and watch the magnificent nature while enjoying the sea view. 


One of the most important points about Istanbul is that the city has rather hot and dry weather in the summer season. Therefore, if you are going to visit Istanbul this season, you can take a walk in the wooded areas close to the water and try to prefer the remarkable places of the city. The Belgrade Forest is a popular place for the city’s locals, regardless of the weather, with its unique appearance and 6 kilometers of hiking trails. The forest, lake views, and giant trees located on the European side of Istanbul will be the main part of your family and individual trips.

Riva is one of the most suitable places for those who want to spend the summer season of Istanbul with the sea and sun trio. It is located about 50 kilometers from the center of Istanbul and is an old Greek village. Besides the wide and long sandy beach, Riva will surely attract your attention with its restaurants and cafes surrounding the beach.

In summer, when Istanbul is exposed to the hot Mediterranean climate, another option that will cool you down will be Şile. If you are one of the holidaymakers who want to spend your summer holidays sunbathing by the sea, it can be said that Şile is for you. There is a 60-kilometer coastline of Şile, which is the weekend getaway point for the city’s locals. Aside from the fine sandy beach of the district, its historical ruins are also worth a visit every season.


As for autumn in Istanbul, it is light rainy and has refreshing weather after the summer. In this season, you can do the activities that you can do in every season. You can visit the city with a refreshing atmosphere while learning about Istanbul by taking nature walks, museum trips, and steamboat cruises.

Ataturk Arboretum is one of the places you should see, especially in the autumn season, because it is home to unique colors. You can make a peaceful trip around the lake located in the place by watching the autumn leaves falling from the trees. It is pretty suitable for nature walks, picnics, and photography. It has an atmosphere that fascinates people with its scenery. Another place where you can feel the autumn weather from head to toe in Istanbul is Fenerbahce Park, located on the Anatolian side. The view of this park is so beautiful that you can capture the sea and the city’s unique nature in the same frame.


One of the most accurate things that can be said about Istanbul is that the city takes on one of its most beautiful forms in winter. In this season, you can also go on a tour of the nature of Istanbul and visit the unique historical monuments and museums of the city. After this general information about the winter season, let’s mention some symbolic historical places in the city.

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is undoubtedly one of the most important symbols you will hear about Istanbul and is a historical monument standing for centuries. When you explore Istanbul in the winter season, you should definitely see this place, which has served the religious purposes of different emperors for centuries and has been turned into a mosque from a church.
Suppose you want to explore Topkapi Palace in the harsh climate of Istanbul. In that case, you will be able to see a magical history that will warm you up. The palace was built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror during the Ottoman Empire and has become one of the important symbols of the empire. Visiting this palace, which is used as a museum today, will raise your mood in snowy or rainy weather.

Frequently Asked Question

Is winter harsh in Istanbul?
No. Winters are mild in Istanbul because of the geographical positioning of Turkey.
What is the average temperature in Istanbul?
The average temperature of the city can vary from -1°C to 29°C (30°F to 85°F), so the temperature is not extreme throughout the year.
Which season is the best to visit Istanbul?
We recommend spring, as it has the best weather to experience all the beauties of the city.
Where should I go in the summer in Istanbul?
In summer, you can visit Princes’ Islands for a nice vacation. Also, Bosphorus cruises are a favoured option.
What to do in winter in Istanbul?
In winter, Istanbul tourists usually spend their times visiting indoor historical attractions such as Dolmabahce Palace, Sultanahmet Camii or Galata Tower.