The Post and Telegraph Office was founded in 1840 in Istanbul. The reasoning behind this initiation was to establish communication with the outside world, resulting in a mass number of translators being assigned to the office. Hence, contact with foreign countries got more accessible and faster. It was not until 1871, though, that the two branches of post and telegraph were united.

The main office was ordered to be built by Abdülhamid II in Sirkeci, a place right in the mouth of the Golden Horn and a very central place in the historical peninsula. The building still renders service as the general directorate of the PTT. The museum, on the other hand, opens its doors at 09.00 and closes at 17.00 mid-week. It is closed on weekends, but we should note that it is free to go and see everything it has got to offer.

In 2004, PTT Bank was founded as a new branch of the post office. Thanks to the branches that are easily found in many cities, as well as ATMs dispersed all around Istanbul. They transfer money internationally too. PTT’s postal and courier services began to render service in 2008. These services continue, and prices are more convenient for cargo. It also allows payment at the door service. They provide fast and secure transportation for you. Generally, these cargoes are sent with Turkish Airlines.

Services Offered by PTT

PTT serves a diverse range of opportunities and services. There are both domestic and
international services that you can conveniently use.


  • Letters

  • Postcards

  • Greeting cards, thank you cards, condolence cards

  • Invitation for engagements, weddings, etc.

  • Newspapers

  • Printed press for visually disabled

  • APS courier


  • Package: PTT transfers with the airline, maritime line, and land route. The post office presents a convenient service for you.

  • APG courier: You can send your dispatches when you want to go immediately. There are agreements between the post office and 110 countries. You can benefit from an APG courier.

  • Turpex: You can send your documents, products, etc., using Turpex posts.

Post Offices In Istanbul

You may well need a post office when you come here both as a tourist and even for business purposes. Perhaps you want to send souvenirs and documents about Istanbul. Maybe you need to get something posted to you from back home. You should know the specific offices in Istanbul in these cases. They are easily found around tourist attractions as well. So, you can send and receive your posts. But do not worry as Istanbul has a good number of post offices and so, the situation eases. Even while you walk the street, you may encounter a branch of PTT. You can tap on PTT in the search tab of your Google Maps and will show you the nearest branches of PTT or any other post office you are looking for. As like we mentioned, there are branches all around the tourist districts such as Kapalicarsi, Beyoglu, Taksim, Suleymaniye, Sultanahmet, and Beyazit.

Hours of Work

PTT starts to work at 08.30 in Turkey. We should note that they give lunch breaks between 12.00 and 13.00. But sometimes, some branches start the break at 12.30, and they are finished by 13.30. After the break, they start to work again, and their shift ends at 17.30. So, if you have any business to sort out in PTT, you go to the office between 08.30 and 17.30, but if you run into lunchtime, you have to wait for the starting shift.