Why Rent a Car in Turkey

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is filled with numerous sights to visit. Renting a car in Turkey will allow you to explore the country with more depth and freedom. Using public transport, though sometimes more advantageous, could be time-consuming. You could choose to join a tour group or book private tours. However, if you want to explore the city by yourself and have more freedom, you might consider renting a car. Many tourists who visit Istanbul say that they enjoy renting a car for their visits since it allowed them to move at their own pace and be more spontaneous.

Requirements for Renting a Car in Turkey

Similar to all countries, there are certain requirements to rent a car in Turkey. Not everyone is allowed to rent a car in Turkey. For instance, even though the age may vary by car category, generally, to rent a car in Turkey, you should at least be 21 years old. Moreover, you need to have a driver's license for at least a year. You also need to have all the documents required. Here are some of the required documents:

  • A valid passport 

  • A valid credit card

  • A valid driver’s license

Rules to Obey If You Rent a Car

Driving in Istanbul might be chaotic and difficult sometimes. To prevent any discomfort or accidents from happening, you should be familiar with the traffic rules in Istanbul. Rules you need to obey are more or less the same around the world, but there are some things you should be aware of if you want to drive in Istanbul. You should, firstly, be careful about the caution signs on the right side of the road, especially in rural areas because there could be animals jumping on the road. In Turkey, the usual speed limit in urban areas is around 50 km/h. This limit could go up to 90 km/h in rural areas. If there are additional rules of the speed limit you need to be cautious about, they will be marked by road signs. Hence, being attentive to road signs is very important in Turkey. The police are very serious about the traffic rules and speed limit to prevent any accident from occurring. Reckless driving is not allowed in Istanbul, so, it could be said that it is safe to rent a car in Istanbul if you have doubts. 

Traffic in Istanbul could be excruciating sometimes, however, if you want to wander around Istanbul, renting a car could be the best option for you. It gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. It is common for tourists to rent a car when they visit Istanbul. You should be aware of certain points before deciding to rent a car. However, car rental agencies will help you along the way. If you want to rent a car and do not want to deal with public transport or taxis until then, there are private transfer options from the airport you could consider as well. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use a rented car outside Turkey?
Most car rental companies do not allow rental cars to be driven outside Turkey.
Where can I rent a car in Istanbul after I landed?
Most of the rental companies locate rental car depots close to the airports so that you will not have to deal with finding one.
Do I need a driver’s license to rent a car in Turkey?
Yes. To rent a car in Turkey, you need to have a driver’s license for at least a year.
Do I need an international license to drive in Turkey?
You do not have to have an international license. As long as your driver’s license is valid in your country, you are not likely to encounter a problem with driving in Turkey.
What side of the road do I drive in Turkey?
The traffic flows from the right side of the road in Turkey. The driver’s seat is on the left of the car.