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Beşiktaş Football Club

Discover the first Football Museum of Turkey

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Beşiktaş JK, is the oldest football team in Turkey, opens the Museum doors to its home stadium in Istanbul, the Tupras Stadium, with a walk-in tour which you can attend thanks to the Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Get access to Beşiktaş JK Museum, learn about the glorious history of the successful soccer team, and enjoy an unbelievable experience that many would only dream of!

It's definitely an experience to tell your friends about!

Tupras Stadium is in a great location, very close to Dolmabahçe Palace and the shore of the Bosphorus Strait, so you can plan a full day of sightseeing around your Beşiktaş JK Museum walk-in tour!

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  • Discover the first Football Museum of Turkey
  • Learn More About Beşiktaş stories and legends!
  • Learn the magnificent history of Beşiktaş JK!

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Football is the most popular and most watched sport branch in Turkey. There are many big sports clubs and there are millions of people supporting them. Besiktas Gymnastics Club is one of the biggest sports clubs of Turkey and is one of the long-established ones of Istanbul. It was found in 1903, when there were no big stadiums that pursue football activities. Besiktas supporters and the members of Besiktas football team liken the stadium with the concept of home and call it by the name “Eagle’s Nest” since Besiktas team is identified with black eagles. It is not hard to guess that the stadium located in the Besiktas district of Istanbul is very significant and valuable to the residents of Besiktas. It has an unstable story but also a glorious one. It witnessed many breath-taking moments in the history of football in Turkey as well as many unbelievable stage performances by globally famous artist. Seeing Besiktas JK Museum and not discovering Besiktas in its entirety would be a shame therefore we prepared you a humble advice on what to do in Besiktas alongside with information on the museum.


A Brief History of Beşiktaş JK Stadium

In 1939, by Turkish architects’ cooperation with invited architects from Italy initiated the project of a stadium, on the area which was used as the Dolmabahce Palace’s horse stables before. These were the ground works for Inonu Stadium. Unfortunately, the conditions as results of the Second World War, inhibited the construction. In 1943, it was reinitiated. It took 4 years to build the stadium and on 27 November 1947 it was opened. Later the name Inonu, which was the name of Ataturk’s brother in arms and the first president of the republic was eliminated because of the political conflicts.

When it was first open it had the capacity to host 16 thousand people because the aim for the construction was to be aesthetic rather than seating thousands of people. However, when the number of supporters enlarged in big numbers through the years, in 1950 they had to add 5000 seats more. Later it reached 41.000 people capacity by further additions and adjustments.

After the final restorations in 2004, even though the stadium was considered as a football sanctuary, almost like a sacred place for the supporters, building a new stadium from scratch became an issue. Finally, in 2013 the foundations were established to build a new stadium and on 10th of November 2016 the stadium began functioning under the name of Tupras Stadium.

Frequently Asked Question

Accessing the Vodafone Arena
The Vodafone Arena is situated on the banks of the Bosphorus near to Dolmabahçe Palace, a little to the northeast of the city center of Istanbul. It is located around 2.5 kilometers from the Galata Bridge and 1 kilometer from Taksim Square, from where the stadium can be reached on foot in 15 minutes.

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Beşiktaş Football Club
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