Istanbul has risen lately due to its historical places, unique cuisine, and luxurious shopping areas. Of course, the city's location is another excellent reason to discover Istanbul. But when it comes to shopping, this city is the perfect address. There are a lot of places such as Kapalıçarşı, Taksim, Eminönü, and many more. Every one of them has its type of shopping. So if you are looking for some traditional stores to shop in, Kapalıçarşı is an excellent option. On the other hand, the fashionables and people who follow the latest trends in fashion always hit their rotation to Nişantaşı. It is located in the Şişli district on the European Side of İstanbul. It includes neighborhoods like Teşvikiye, Maçka, and Osmanbey. Nişantaşı is known for its unique shopping selections. It is easy to feel a luxurious atmosphere on its streets. Both for locals and tourists, Nişantaşı is where fashion lives and grows. If you want to be surrounded by globally famous brands, you better visit Nişantaşı immediately. The most famous Nişantaşı İstanbul shopping street is known as Abdi İpekçi Street.

Abdi İpekçi Street

Journalist Abdi İpekçi gave the name of the street. It can be said that Abdi İpekçi street is the heart of the most high-priced luxury fashion brands in Turkey. Other streets like Bağdat Caddesi come after Abdi İpekçi on the list. The street doesn't only provide fashion stores. It also allows you to discover various world cuisines at prestigious restaurants and cafes. Here is the list of high-class brands.

  • Cartier

  • Prada

  • Hugo Boss

  • Gucci

  • Burberry

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Chanel

  • Giorgio Armani

  • Hermès

  • Dior

  • Escada

  • Salvatore Ferragamo


It is one of the worldwide known British brands. Iconic fashion brand Burberry's headquarter is in London. Leather goods, accessories, shoes, and perfumes are the main products. The most significant fact about Burberry is that it is one of the oldest and most popular British luxury fashion brands. If you are wandering around Nişantaşı streets, you can easily find this global brand.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Malletier created this brand in 1854. Today, most people who love luxury items worldwide wear Louis Vuitton. Since it is a French brand and designs everything dedicatedly, it has become the leading brand for a long time. On Abdi İpekçi street, it is hard not to notice this magnificent French-designed store.


The history of Cartier is quite magnificent. Louis-François Cartier is the founder of the brand. The birth of Cartier dates back to 1847. King Edward II spoke as "the jeweler of kings and kings of the jewelers." It was a brand for the royals. And it still keeps this reputation today by selling high-quality jewelry, watches, and leather goods. If you are a genuine follower of Cartier, you have to stop there in Nişantaşı. There are only three stores in Turkey. One of them is waiting for you to shop in Nişantaşı.


After speaking of British and French iconic brands on this shopping street in İstanbul, it is time to give general information about Italian brands. Dolce&Gabbana was founded in Milano, Italy, in 1985. Even though it is not as old as the other brands, its popularity is never less. The brand's main products are jewelry, dresses, watches, perfumes, and suits. It also provides skin care products. In addition, those products are not only for women. There are also men's and children's sections at the stores. With Dolce & Gabbana in Nişantaşı, you don't have to go to Italy to feel the Italian fashion atmosphere. 


Prada is another well-known Italian brand. You can find leather goods, bags, luxury clothing items such as dresses, skirts, and everything you can imagine. Prada Stores in Turkey are located in the most expensive areas, such as Abdi İpekçi Street. Of course, without Prada, Nişantaşı would be lacking.


It is also a French brand that was founded in 1837. Hermes is generally known for its fabulous and colorful bags. Leather goods, perfume, jewelry, and dresses are what you can buy from the store. You can purchase home furniture and lifestyle accessories as well. Hermes is one of the most respected and globally known brands. So, it is not surprising that there is a Hermes store on Abdi İpekçi street.


Guccio Gucci is the founder of Gucci. This Italian fashion house is based in Italy. It became a "Dolce Vita" icon and became highly famous globally. Gucci specializes in various outfits, footwear, makeup, and perfume for women and men. It has 425 stores around the world. In Turkey, it has three stores. Too many companies and famous luxury brands wholly and partly. 


Coco Chanel became the founder of Chanel in 1910 in France. The products of Chanel vary but are generally ready-to-wear clothes, perfumes, jewelry, and accessories. The word "elegance" defines this brand. Chanel revolutionizes fashion by changing the 19th-century fashion mindset with extraordinary ideas. Best-known products are Chanel No five perfume, 2.55 bag, Chanel Tweed Suit, and Chanel Ballerinas

Frequently Asked Question

Is it easy to transport there?
Yes, it is effortless to go there from too many locations. Of course, it would be much easier if you were already around the European side. But it is easy to go there by bus, ferry and taxi if you are coming from the Anatolian side. People mostly come to Beşiktaş and take a bus or walk from there to Nişantaşı.
Are there only high-priced brands?
There are also affordable brands. If you want to buy shoes, Nine West or Desa might be a great option. You can find Marks and Spencer, Zara, and Mango for your outfit needs.