Shopping in a bazaar is a fundamental concept in Turkey. When you go to Istanbul, you will encounter a bazaar in every district. Would you like to buy gifts for your loved ones from the colorful neighborhood bazaars set up in the streets and neighborhood squares? Let’s look at Merter Bazaar, one of the famous neighborhood bazaars in Istanbul. Merter Bazaar, where you can find various products, is open on Sundays. In addition, it is pretty large, where you can encounter both Turkish-specific foods and hand-woven products. It draws attention with its affordable products and fresh products. When shopping at the lovely bazaars of Istanbul, you can practice Turkish with bazaar owners, too. You will enjoy shopping in Merter Bazaar, where you can find all kinds of products from delicatessen to clothing.If you go to Merter Bazaar, here is a little tip from us! Do not forget to buy fish, which is sold relatively fresh. You can reach all kinds of fish and prepare a delicious feast for yourself. If you are wondering how to get to this small and beautiful market in Güngören, you can continue reading our article.

History of Merter 

Merter, one of the important textile and ready-to-wear centers of the world, today, Istanbul used to be a tiny place. In the 1950s, they aimed to make Merter the center of textile manufacturers and ready-made clothing owners. This goal was achieved in the 1970s when textile manufacturers flocked to Merter. Simitaş Blokları in Merter has become the new home of textile manufacturers. Merter has been accepted as the most famous textile center since 1990 in the world. In addition, in 2011, the Fashion Center Symposium was held in Merter. In our opinion, after visiting the Merter market, it would not be worse to wander around Merter! 

Checklist: Shopping in Merter

Now that we’ve talked about Merter Bazaar and Merter, it’s time to prepare a shopping list! 

From Merter Bazaar;

  • Fish

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits

  • Dried nuts

From Merter;

  • Shoes
  • Underwear
  • Shirt
  • Tracksuit
  • Swimsuit

Merter is both affordable and high quality! We must have been hungry since we walked around Merter from one end to the other. How about looking at the most famous restaurants in Merter? There are many varieties, from kebab restaurants to dessert restaurants in Merter. Maybe this place will one day become the center not only of fashion but also of food.

How to Go to Merter Bazaar?

Let’s take our guests who want to shop in Istanbul like this. It is too easy to reach Merter Bazaar, one of the most beautiful bazaars in Istanbul. If you have an Istanbul card, transportation is quite simple. You can use 89B, 92T, Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu buses, Ataköy-Pendik and Halkalı-Gebze Marmaray lines, M1A, M1B metro lines, and A-72 minibus. Let’s dive into the history of this bazaar.

10 Most Famous Restaurants in Merter

Teras Et Lokantası

Having fascinated its guests with its special flavors since 2015, Teras Et Lokantası is one of the most beautiful places in Merter. It is possible to find flavors for every taste here. There are many varieties from Turkish delicacies to world delicacies in the restaurant, every corner of which is full of surprises. Come and check out the Terrace Steakhouse!


Serving since 1996, Cigerhane welcomes its guests with Mediterranean garnishes. Yes, yes, you read it right, their guests! They accept those who come to the restaurant as guests, not customers. Also, everything is fresh. No frozen products are used here. They sells livers. What do you think, wouldn’t it be nice to go and try it?

Cızbız Köfte

Cızbız Köfte is a brand that has been serving for a long time. They are sure that you will love this flavor when you try it! They say: ‘In our opinion, not the one who hears or sees, but the one who tries knows.’ If you like Cızbız köfte (meatballs), which have a high-quality, healthy, and additive-free production recipe, you can take them home as a stock. 

Warung Nusantara

No one does not know that Istanbul is a multinational place! Warung Nusantara is an Indonesian restaurant. For those who want to try different flavors, Merter offers all kinds of dishes. 

Adile Sultan Ev Yemekleri

Restaurant with a completely different story: Adile Sultan Home Cooking! If you want to listen to the story of a family that made the recipes of their grandmothers, you should come to this restaurant. Adile Sultan, who was born in 1927, even has a vegetarian menu among her meals. It must be delightful to eat at this restaurant with a warm story!


Now it’s the turn of Merter’s dessert restaurants! After all that shopping, isn’t a dessert good? Kadayifzade is the restaurant of a family from Gaziantep that has been serving for many years. They have restaurants in many places, including Merter. Do not go without visiting this restaurant, where you can find many varieties, from milk desserts to sherbet desserts.

Bolulu Hasan Usta

We can say that Bolulu Hasan Usta, serving since 1982, is one of the favorite brands of Turkey. The restaurant’s desserts, which also has a dealer in Merter, are too good. The restaurant, which uses plenty of ingredients while making its desserts, thinks happiness is beautiful when shared.

Hatay Künefe Dünyası

Have you ever tried the künefe of Hatay, the city of civilization? If your answer is no, you came across a good dessert shop around Merter Bazaar while discovering Istanbul. Get ready to see how diverse Kunefe is!

Game of Lokma

We are sure that you have not tasted this delicacy anywhere else! The restaurant offers you a gourmet taste by purifying the bite, a sherbet dessert, and combining it with chocolate. Also, you have the opportunity to try bites with the chocolate you want.

Merhaba Pastaneleri

Think of a patisserie that will greet you with ‘Hello’ around Merter Bazaar. You should try the almond candy of the patisserie, which has been welcoming customers with delicious desserts for four generations.

We hope you liked Merter Bazaar, Merter, and Istanbul! Have a great time!