There are laws for foreigners in Turkey about their investments in the country. These laws put some restrictions on the purchase of foreigner who purchases lands or real estate properties. For example, the law dictates that the land that the foreigner purchases cannot be over 30 hectares. The purchased property must be a part of the local municipality according to the law, and the process must be executed with the Land Registry Office. Officials from this body of the government oversee the purchase and the transaction between the owner and the buyer. Buying a real estate property in Turkey has legal benefits as well as restrictions. One of these benefits is related to the case of citizenship as the Republic of Turkey encourages foreign investors to buy immovable properties in Turkey. If a foreign investor buys real estate property that costs more than 250.000 dollars, they are seen as suitable for citizenship in Turkey, and they are offered an easy process of citizenship application thanks to the Turkish Citizenship by Notarized Property Purchase Commitment. All of these legal issues in purchasing a real estate property in Turkey can be handled easily with the help of attorneys that specialize on subjects like this and law companies that offer affordable help to foreign investors.


·       Laws for foreign investors in real estate that also help them.

·       30 hectares limit for foreign investors in real estate property purchases.

·       Buying process that is executed with the Land Registry Office in Turkey in close contact.

·       The opportunity of having a Turkish citizenship through property owning.

·       Companies and special attorneys that help the foreign investors for an easier process.

Legal issues can be handled easily if you wish to buy a real estate property in Turkey!

Turkey is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. Sometimes, these tourists want to have a foot in the country because of its beauty and invest in the country’s real estate market by buying a property. However, purchasing a real estate property needs some legal steps to be covered before making the foreign investor an owner. The Republic of Turkey encourages the foreign investors to by real estate properties but also put some restrictions on them. For example, the foreign investors are able to buy 30 hectares of land at the most according to the law. They are expected to work with the Land Registry Office and its officials for purchasing rather than a regular public notary. The investor is offered an easy process of Turkish citizenship if they pay more than 250.000 dollars in their purchase. There are many laws that concern the foreign investors and their conditions in the country, but there are also many opportunities of making the process easier. The country has attorneys that specialise in foreign investors and their needs as well as private companies that work specifically for the foreign investors. Even though it may be a long process, you can be sure that you can easily be a real estate property owner in Turkey if you have it in your mind

Frequently Asked Question

Who deals with foreign investors in Turkey?
The Land Registry Office in Turkey works with foreign investors in close contact in their process of purchasing real estate property.
Is there a limit for foreign investors in Turkey?
There are specific limits for foreign investors, but there isn’t a problem for them so long as they purchase lands below 30 hectares and the purchased land is a part of a local municipality.
How can I be a Turkish citizen through purchasing property?
The Republic of Turkey offers Turkish citizenship to foreign investors who pay more than 250.000 dollars in their purchase.