Most of the real estate projects that catch the eye of foreign investors are in Istanbul as the city is not only a historical beauty but it is also a trade center as well as a bridge between different cultures because of its location. The city lies across the Bosporus in both Europe and Asia and forms the richest city in the country. Real estate projects in Istanbul are generally purchased while the project is still in the process of building it for cheaper prices. This way, the owner of a certain part of the project can have a 100% profit from this project. Because of the condition of the Turkish Lira in the face of the global exchange rate, the prices of residences in Turkey, especially in Istanbul have been increasing swiftly, which offers even more profit from real estate projects in the city. Popular real estate projects are usually close to the city centers in both sides of the city, and they generally have a view of the Bosporus. The popular projects that are preferred by the foreign investors are generally located in the European side of the city in Beyoğlu, Büyükçekmece, and Şişli. These projects offer a variety of residences that change from studio apartments to 4+1 houses. What makes these projects this popular is also their locations in relation to transport as they are generally not only close to the attractions of the city but to the main roads.


·       Huge demand from foreign investors for real estate projects in Istanbul.

·       Istanbul as a trade center as well as a tourist attraction.

·       Profitable real estate projects that can enable 100% profit.

·       Real estate projects that are close to everything the city offers.

·       Houses suitable to everyone’s needs that change from studio apartments to big ones.

Istanbul is one of the best cities for a tourist holiday. We are sure that once you see the city, you will understand its value of it as the city proposes many real estate opportunities for foreign investors. Making it the richest city in the country, Istanbul is a trade center that unites two continents physically, resulting in huge demand for real estate investors. The city has many real estate projects on both sides that offer generally the same qualities. Most of the projects are located around tourist attractions for desirable views from the home and main roads for easy transportation. You can purchase your house while it is still in the process of building for prices that start from 280.000 dollars and have a 100% profit when it is finished. Some of the popular real estate projects include luxurious complexes that are built-in Şişli, Beyoğlu and Beşiktaş districts of the city that offer luxurious houses regardless of the number of their rooms, stunning views of the Bosporus and similar attractions and chances of enormous profits. Come and choose the real estate project you want to participate in

Frequently Asked Question

What do the popular real estate projects in Istanbul offer?
Most of the popular projects have benefits like easy transportation and profitable deals that can make almost 100% of the initial price the owner paid upon selling.
Are these projects suitable for small families or single persons?
The projects offer luxurious houses for the owners that can have 4+1 rooms for a big family, but there are even studio apartments in these complexes, making the projects suitable for everyone.
Where are the popular real estate projects in Istanbul located?
Some of the most popular real estate projects are located in the European side of the city, in Beyoğlu, Beşiktaş and Şişli districts.