People Partner

You've come to the right place if you're searching for the perfect team and a challenging, creative, fun, and full of the energy work environment. We believe that our workers' passion is our power and that it is what pushes us to achieve exceptional results.

We want to provide people all over the world with goods that are both excellent for them and excellent for others. Our vision is to create new business models in order to double our company's size while minimizing environmental impact.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Employees, front-line leaders, and managers can benefit from coaching and counseling on employee relations issues.
  • Direct and manage the function's end-to-end ownership of HR solutions/rollouts.
  • Continuously improve HR policies and assess current methods for increased efficiencies.
  • Manage and lead Hub teams from start to finish, meeting deadlines and accomplishing tasks.
  • Managers are led and directed in the Performance Improvement Process.
  • Must be able to handle stressful situations while also creating an inclusive workplace.
  • Oversee the onboarding of new employees.
  • Manage the resolution of HR support issues while sustaining effective communication with all involved parties.
  • Evaluate the data to make critical decisions that will drive performance.
  • Demonstrate your ability to plan, enforce, and evaluate infrastructure comprising.
  • Maintain, organize, monitor, and inform on human resource problems and developments within the scope of work.

Executive VM Partner Stores

We look for SPEED & SPIRIT in our applicants, which are defined by a few simple principles that motivate us to BE DRIVEN in our achievement, BE VIBRANT in our sports events legacy, BE TOGETHER in our teamwork, and BE YOU to let our personal skills and ability shine. It is simple to apply for a job at PUMA, and all sexes are welcome.

Your Objective:

  • In charge of all Visual Merchandising activities across all PUMA Boyner account holders and Partners.
  • Create and distribute the tools required to support the effective application of all PUMA Boyner stores.
  • Encourage new Puma Boyner SIS and Partner positions.
  • Enact VM recommendations and standards in all Boyner and Partner locations.
  • Train and coach store supervisors on VM policies.
  • Cooperates with the Sales and CM teams on a regular basis to make sure that the store arrangements, goods, and Pop's are properly matched.
  • Stunning design presentation to fulfill brand instructions, including brand image, graphics, light fittings, and so on.
  • Including all Boyner stores, policy interventions of Trade Zoning - both regular and seasonal - are required.
  • Keeping store layouts and VM locations up to date with SKU counts and aspects
  • All PUMA Boyner shops and partners have been standardized in accordance with global VM standards.

Frequently Asked Question

Can we access talent in Istanbul?
Yes, of course, we can access many talents in Istanbul.
When is the best time to visit Istanbul?
Istanbul is a major tourist destination all year, though summers can be extremely hot, and winters are typically cold and rainy. The months of springtime and autumn are best for enjoyable temperatures and far less crowding at the big sites.
Is Istanbul secure?
Istanbul is a safe city in comparison to most Western countries. The occurrence of violent crime against outsiders is extremely low, and few tourists to the city encounter any difficulties.